[TYPES/announce] LOLA 2013: Call for participation

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Mon May 13 10:26:56 EDT 2013


              *** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ***

                        LOLA  2013

       Syntax and Semantics of Low Level Languages

       Saturday 29th June 2013, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

             A LICS 2013-affiliated workshop



*** Early Registration DEADLINE: 22 May 2013 ***

Registration, accommodation, and travel information for LICS and all affiliated  workshops is on the LICS 2013 web page:  



* Steve Zdancewic (University of Pennsylvania). 
Vellvm: Verifying Transformations of the LLVM IR

* Magnus Myreen (University of Cambridge). 
Machine code, formal verification and functional programming


* Lennart Beringer, Gordon Stewart, Robert Dockins and Andrew W. Appel 
Towards Verified Shared-memory Cooperation for C

* Olle Fredriksson               
Compilation using abstract machines for game semantics

* Sergey Goncharov and Lutz Schröder     
Monad-based Partial Correctness Assertions

* Dwight Guth, Andrei Stefanescu and Grigore Rosu 
Low-Level Program Verification using Matching Logic Reachability

*Chang Liu, Michael Hicks and Elaine Shi 
Memory Trace Oblivious Program Execution 

* Radu Mardare and Prakash Panangaden               
Approximate reasoning for Markov Processes


It has been understood since the late 1960s that tools and structures arising in mathematical logic and proof theory can usefully be applied to the design of high level programming languages, and to the development of reasoning principles for such languages. Yet low level languages, such as machine code, and the compilation of high level languages into a low level ones have traditionally been seen as having little or no essential connection to logic.

However, a fundamental discovery of this past decade has been that low level languages are also governed by logical principles. From this key observation has emerged an active and fascinating new research area at the frontier of logic and computer science. The practically-motivated design of logics reflecting the structure of low level languages (such as heaps, registers and code pointers) and low level properties of programs (such as resource usage) goes hand in hand with some of the most advanced contemporary research in semantics and proof theory, including classical realizability and forcing, double orthogonality, parametricity, linear logic, game semantics, uniformity, categorical semantics, explicit substitutions, abstract machines, implicit complexity and sublinear programming.

The LOLA workshop, affiliated with LICS, will bring together researchers interested in the various aspects of the relationship between logic and low level languages and programs. LOLA is an informal workshop aiming at a high degree of useful interaction amongst the participants.

Dan Ghica           (University of Birmingham)
Andrew Kennedy      (Microsoft Research Cambridge)


Thomas Braibant     (INRIA)
Karl Crary          (Carnegie Mellon University)
Ugo Dal Lago        (Università di Bologna)
Xinyu Feng          (Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago)
Scott Owens         (University of Kent)
Sam Staton          (University of Cambridge)
Nikos Tzevelekos    (Queen Mary, University of London)
Nobuko Yoshida      (Imperial College London)

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