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The Programming Languages and Tools Group (http://research.microsoft.com/rse) at Microsoft Research India works on programming research. Our research is about what it takes to enable programmers to build reliable, robust and secure systems easily with high productivity. Our current work is in the following areas:

1. Program analysis and verification:  We are working on techniques to automatically analyze the source code of the program to find bugs and prove absence of certain kinds of bugs. Our emphasis here is both in conceptual advances and practical techniques that scale to real-world programs (Projects: Q , Seal)

2. Distributed systems:  We are working on new programming models that enable programming of distributed systems at a high level of abstraction, which helping preserve correctness and security. We are also working on performance tools for distributed systems (Projects: CScale, Cipherbase, Perforator)

3. Probabilistic programming: We are working on a probabilistic programming system (with applications in machine learning, biology, security etc.) by employing powerful techniques from language design, program analysis and verification. (Projects: R2)

We have openings for researcher, postdoctoral researcher, research assistant and research intern positions.

Researcher and postdoctoral researcher positions require a PhD with a track record of high-impact research. Research assistant positions are 1-2 year positions are for candidates who have finished a BTech/MTech/MS degree with a desire to experience research and get on a path towards a PhD. Internships are 3 to 6 month positions to work on specific projects.

To apply, please send a CV together with a research statement to: sriram at microsoft.com<mailto:sriram at microsoft.com>

Microsoft Research India offers an unparalleled opportunity to conduct innovative and cutting-edge research and to see your research results improve the software used by most of the world. Microsoft Research's agenda combines world-class research together with our academic colleagues and a unique opportunity to put ideas into practice by working with Microsoft product groups. Researchers at Microsoft Research have an unequalled opportunity to conduct fundamental research with few resource constraints, publish in leading academic conferences, and at the same time, influence and improve software development in the world's largest software company and its customers.

We welcome applicants from all over the world, regardless of nationality. India, and in particular Bangalore, is booming with fresh energy and opportunities!

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