[TYPES/announce] Open PhD and Postdoctoral Research Positions in Computer Science

Tobias Wrigstad tobias.wrigstad at it.uu.se
Thu Oct 17 08:33:16 EDT 2013

== Multiple open PhD and postdoctoral positions in the UpScale project ==

UpScale is an EU FP7 FET OpenX project devoted to programming language 
design for multicore architectures. UpScale will explore new language 
design possibilities that will use type-based deployment specifications 
and static and dynamic optimisation to enable the gradual exploitation 
of parallelism in object-oriented applications designed for multicore 

UpScale is looking for a number of highly motivated, out-of-the-box 
thinkers interested in pursuing research in programming language design 
for multicore architectures. Both PhD Student and Postdoctoral Researcher 
positions are available. Positions are available the following UpScale 
partner sites:

* CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
* Imperial College London, UK. 
* University of Oslo, Norway. 
* Uppsala University, Sweden.

The candidate should have interests among the following: programming 
language design, parallel computing, programming language theory, 
type systems, compilers, program optimisation, session types, and 
ownership types, and have masters degree in computer science or 
equivalent, for the PhD positions, and a PhD in a relevant area
for the Postdoctoral research positions.

Application deadline: 22 November 2013 (or until positions are filled).

PhD expected start date: 1 February 2014.

For further information see: http://upscale-project.eu/

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