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Dear colleague,

Want to teach and do research in an exciting environment, in the fourth most happy city on earth (http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20131022-living-in-the-worlds-happiest-places)? Or do you think a colleague might be a suitable candidate? Let us know. We have a vacancy for:

Full Professor Software Technology (0.8 – 1.0 fte)

The full professor directs and supervises research in the field of software technology, specifically in the design and development of formalisms and methodologies for effective program construction and program analysis. She or he develops new initiatives, aiming at research programs in software technology that are relevant for software systems in general and for the departmental focus domain of game technology.  This includes the acquisition of external research funds at the national and international level, and the dissemination, of research results and its applications, to the relevant research communities.  The initiatives should be developed in line with worldwide trends in software technology such as software generation, domain-specific languages, and multi-core programming.

The full professor has a leading role in teaching and supervision.  She or he contributes to the department’s curriculum development at all levels: BSc, MSc, and PhD. The full professor plays an active role in the leadership and administrative duties of the Division of Software Systems, the Department and/or Faculty.

Candidates must have an excellent track record in research, teaching and leadership, as exemplified by:

•    A PhD degree in Computer Science or a closely related scientific field.
•    An excellent publication record, including papers in high-impact journals and conference proceedings.
•    Proven ability to obtain extramural funding for research and to provide leadership in collaborative research programs.

•    Experience and enthusiasm for teaching and student supervision.
•    Experience and leadership in curriculum development.
•    Academic leadership:
•    An active role in leading (national and international) activities in the area of the chair and participation in academic communities.
•    An established international network of research partnerships with other leading research groups and institutions.
•    Experience in administrative roles at department or faculty level.

Utrecht University employs a system of quality assessment for teaching and research with consequences for career development.  This implies that, in addition to having a PhD in a relevant field of research, a successful candidate also possesses appropriate senior level academic teaching and research qualifications. The Faculty may use an assessment as an instrument in the selection procedure.

We offer a permanent position as full professor at 0.8 – 1.0 fte. The gross salary depends on qualifications and experience, and ranges between € 5,003.- and € 7,285.- per month (salary scale H2, of the Collective Labour Agreement of the Dutch Universities).

The salary is supplemented with a holiday bonus of 8% and an end-of-year bonus of 8.3% per year.  In addition we offer: an excellent pension scheme, a partially paid parental leave, and flexible employment conditions. Conditions are based on the Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities. 

More information about terms of employment: http://www.uu.nl/EN/informationfor/jobseekers/Working-for-Utrecht-University/terms-of-employment/Pages/default.aspx 

About the department:
The Department of Information and Computing Sciences (http://www.cs.uu.nl/) has a strong national and international reputation in computer science and in information science. The department’s research activities are clustered into four divisions, viz. Software Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Worlds, and Interaction Technology.  Each division is specialized in a specific research area within computer science and contributes from this area to the department’s overall focus on Game Technology.

The focus area of Game Technology deals with all technological aspects of games, and of interactive virtual experiences more in general; Game Technology constitutes one of the four strategic research themes of the Faculty of Science.  While the research activities of the four computer-science divisions meet in the Game Technology area, research is not restricted to games application. Through collaboration with (often external) partners, the various divisions also connect with the other strategic research themes of the university, viz. life sciences, sustainability, and youth and identity.

The Department of Information and Computing Sciences offers educational bachelor programs in computer science and information science, and three (English) research master programs, viz. Computing Science, Game and Media Technology, and Business Informatics; the Department is further involved in the master program Artificial Intelligence.  Three years ago the Department introduced a track on Game Technology in the bachelor program in computer science, which led to a substantial annual increase of bachelor students.  The bachelor programs are the largest computer science and information science programs in the Netherlands.

Utrecht University is among Europe’s largest and most prominent institutions for research and education. The Faculty of Science consists of six departments: Information & Computing Sciences, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The Faculty is home to 3500 students and nearly 2000 staff members and is internationally renowned for the quality of its research and its teaching.  The Faculty’s academic programs reflect the developments in science and society today.  Its Undergraduate School and Graduate Schools in Natural Sciences and Life Sciences guarantee the outstanding quality of its BSc, MSc, and PhD programs. 

More information
A more detailed description of the chair can be found here: http://www.cs.uu.nl/vacatures/auxdoc/SoftwTechn/StructReport2013WWW.pdf. 

For additional information and documentation please contact the Secretary of the Search Committee: Dr Marinus Veldhorst, email: M.Veldhorst at uu.nl, telephone +31 30 253 4450.

As part of the selection procedure, the candidate is expected to give an outline of his/her research statement and an oral presentation.

Applications including a letter of motivation in which the candidate’s research and teaching vision are outlined, a CV with a list of publications, a research statement, and contact details of at least three references, must be submitted before January 5, 2014. 

Apply before
on http://ssl1.peoplexs.com/Peoplexs22/CandidatesPortalNoLogin/ApplicationForm.cfm?PortalID=4063&VacatureID=611863

Johan Jeuring
Professor of Software Technology for Learning and Teaching
Department of Information and Computing Sciences
Utrecht University
The Netherlands

J.T.Jeuring at uu.nl

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