[TYPES/announce] Call for Participation: Principles in Practice 2014 (co-located with POPL)

Peter Sewell Peter.Sewell at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 25 17:22:39 EST 2013

PiP 2014: Principles in Practice

Co-located with POPL 2014
Saturday 25 January, 2014. San Diego, California, USA

Recent years have seen a number research projects applying rigorous
semantics to the analysis or design of industrially significant
real-world languages and systems, in various contexts. Principles in
Practice (PiP) is an informal workshop bringing together researchers
to discuss the issues involved in engaging with the various industrial
communities, in developing and using semantics at scale, in handling
pre-existing systems complexity, and in the wide range of testing,
analysis, and proof-based techniques that can be applied. There will
be a programme of invited talks, with no proceedings.


* Peter Sewell, Introduction and REMS project (10 minutes)

* Andrew Kennedy / Nick Benton, Formalizing .EXEs, .DLLs, and all that

* Benjamin Pierce, Verification and random testing of the SAFE architecture

* Daniel Kroening, Automated test-suite generation for automotive applications

* Gang Tan / Greg Morrisett, Reusable tools for formal modeling of machine code

* Konrad Slind (Rockwell Collins), Industrial verification considered
as a helix of semi-precious stones

* Michael Norrish, Ad hoc C: reflections on pragmatic semantics

* Sergio Maffeis, Formal, executable semantics of web languages:
JavaScript and PHP

* Shriram Krishnamurthi, Programming Language Semantics as Natural
Science: The Peculiar, Evolving, and Barely Consummated Relationship
Between Semantics and Scripting Languages

* Xavier Leroy, How much is a mechanized proof worth, certification-wise?

* Zhong Shao, Advanced Development of Certified OS Kernels

Registration is via the POPL 2014 registration page. PiP 2014 is not
an ACM-sponsored meeting, so if you plan to attend, please register
specifically for PiP. Breakfast and breaks will be included, but not


    Peter Sewell, University of Cambridge, UK
    Steve Zdancewic, University of Pennsylvania, USA


PiP 2014 is sponsored by the EPSRC REMS project: Rigorous Engineering
for Mainstream Systems.

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