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			Final Call For Papers

 Twelfth International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming
                             (FLOPS 2014)
                            June 4-6, 2014
                           Kanazawa, Japan

- Submission deadline: December 13, 2013

- Journal publications in JFP (Jounral of Functional Programming) and
TPLP (Theory and Practice of Logic Programming) are planned (see below).

- Hyakumangoku Matsuri
( https://www.google.com/search?q=hyakumangoku%20matsuri&tbm=isch )
is scheduled *just* after FLOPS 2014.

FLOPS is a forum for research on all issues concerning declarative
programming, including functional programming and logic programming,
and aims to promote cross-fertilization and integration between the
two paradigms.  Previous FLOPS meetings were held at Fuji Susono
(1995), Shonan Village (1996), Kyoto (1998), Tsukuba (1999), Tokyo
(2001), Aizu (2002), Nara (2004), Fuji Susono (2006), Ise (2008),
Sendai (2010), and Kobe (2012).

FLOPS solicits original papers in all areas of functional and logic
programming, including (but not limited to):
- Language issues: language design and constructs, programming
  methodology, integration of paradigms, interfacing with other
  languages, type systems, constraints, concurrency and distributed
- Foundations: logic and semantics, rewrite systems and narrowing,
  type theory, proof systems.
- Implementation issues: compilation techniques, memory management,
  program analysis and transformation, partial evaluation,
- Applications: case studies, real-world applications, graphical user
  interfaces, Internet applications, XML, databases, formal methods
  and model checking.

The proceedings will be published as an LNCS volume.  The proceedings
of the previous meetings (FLOPS 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008,
2010, and 2012) were published as LNCS 1722, 2024, 2441, 2998, 3945,
4989, 6009, and 7294.

PC Co-Chairs
Michael Codish     (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Eijiro Sumii       (Tohoku University)

PC Members
Lars Birkedal      (Aarhus University)
Michael Codish     (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) [co-chair]
Marina De Vos      (University of Bath)
Moreno Falaschi    (Universita degli studi di Udine)
Carsten Fuhs       (University College London)
John Gallagher     (Roskilde Universitet / IMDEA Software Institute)
Samir Genaim       (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Laura Giordano     (Universita del Piemonte Orientale)
Ichiro Hasuo       (University of Tokyo)
Fritz Henglein     (University of Copenhagen)
Andy King          (University of Kent)
Oleg Kiselyov
Vitaly Lagoon      (MathWorks)
Shin-Cheng Mu      (Academia Sinica)
Keiko Nakata       (Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of
Luke Ong           (University of Oxford)
Peter Schachte     (University of Melbourne)
Takehide Soh       (Kobe University)
Eijiro Sumii       (Tohoku University) [co-chair]
Tachio Terauchi    (Nagoya University)
Joost Vennekens    (KU Leuven)
Janis Voigtlaender (Universitaet Bonn)
Stephanie Weirich  (University of Pennsylvania)

Local Chair
Yuki Chiba         (JAIST)

Submissions must be unpublished and not submitted for publication
elsewhere.  Work that already appeared in unpublished or informally
published workshops proceedings may be submitted.  See also ACM
SIGPLAN Republication Policy:

Submissions should fall into one of the following categories:
- Regular research papers: they should describe new results and will
  be judged on originality, correctness, and significance.
- System descriptions: they should contain a link to a working system
  and will be judged on originality, usefulness, and design.
- Declarative pearls: new and excellent declarative programs or
  theories with illustrative applications.
System descriptions and declarative pearls must be explicitly marked
as such in the title.

Submissions must be written in English and can be up to 15 pages long
including references, though pearls are typically shorter.  Authors
are required to use LaTeX2e and the Springer llncs class file,
available at: http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html

Regular research papers should be supported by proofs and/or
experimental results.  In case of lack of space, this supporting
information should be made accessible otherwise (e.g., a link to a Web
page, or an appendix).  Papers should be submitted electronically at:

Important Dates
Submission deadline: December 13, 2013
Author notification: February 10, 2014
Camera-ready copy: March 7, 2014

Journal Publication
- Journal of Functional Programming
- Theory and Practice of Logic Programming

2-4 of the best papers in each of the two areas: Functional
Programming and Logic Programming, will be invited for inclusion in a
designated FLOPS section within each of the two journals.  The Theory
and Practice of Logic Programming papers will appear as "Rapid
Publications".  All of the these submissions are expected to represent
high-quality revisions and extensions of the selected FLOPS papers and
will be reviewed under the standard criteria of each journal.

Main Hall, Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art,
2-1 Dewa-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0963 JAPAN.

Some Previous FLOPS
FLOPS 2012, Kobe: http://www.org.kobe-u.ac.jp/flops2012/
FLOPS 2010, Sendai: http://www.kb.ecei.tohoku.ac.jp/flops2010/
FLOPS 2008, Ise: http://www.math.nagoya-u.ac.jp/~garrigue/FLOPS2008/

Japan Society for Software Science and Technology (JSSST),
Special Interest Group on Programming and Programming Languages (SIG-PPL)

In Cooperation With
Asian Association for Foundation of Software (AAFS)
Association for Logic Programming (ALP)

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