[TYPES/announce] Nominations needed for the ACM SIGPLAN Achievement Award

Derek Dreyer dreyer at mpi-sws.org
Fri Dec 13 09:11:57 EST 2013

Dear colleagues:

The Achievement Award is the most prestigious award given out by ACM
SIGPLAN.  It recognizes an individual or individuals who have made a
significant and lasting contribution to the field of programming

Unfortunately, we currently have ZERO rollover nominations in the
queue for the Achievement Award, and the deadline is January 5, 2014.

So please consider submitting a nomination!  It's not too hard.  It
only involves writing a nomination statement of 200-500 words, and
recruiting 5 supporters who will be willing to write supporting
statements for the nomination.  (You just need to name the supporters:
*we* will contact the supporters for their statements ourselves early
next year.)

For more details about the nomination process, see the SIGPLAN website
(http://www.sigplan.org/Awards/Achievement/Main) and submit your
nominations through the SIGPLAN awards portal

If you are intending to submit a nomination, please do let me know in advance.

Best regards,
Derek Dreyer (on behalf of the SIGPLAN Executive Committee)

P.S. We of course encourage you to solicit nominations for the other
SIGPLAN awards as well (the Milner award, the Software award, and the
Reynolds Dissertation award).

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