[TYPES/announce] Postdoctoral Researcher at Stevens Institute of Technology in domain-specific languages, security and privacy

Dominic Duggan dd at dominicduggan.org
Tue Dec 17 13:41:52 EST 2013

Stevens Institute of Technology Department of Computer Science has an open
position for a Postdoctoral Researcher in the fields of domain-specific
languages, security and privacy, and mobile technologies for health
information systems in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

The MEDDC project (Mobile eHealthcare Delivery for Developing Countries) is
a NIH and NSF-funded project that is developing and deploying tools for
data collection and healthcare management in LMIC.  It is affiliated with
Central Africa IEDEA (International Epidemiological Databases to Evaluate
AIDS), one of several NIH-funded projects that are engaged in data
collection and analysis as part of the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The project has developed tools for producing data collection systems from
declarative specifications. Some of the work to be done will involve
adapting ideas from statistical and functional programming languages, to
pursue a domain-specific language approach to developing local capacity for
data analysis.  This work should eventually integrate with the HICDEP data
standard that IEDEA has adopted for exchange of health data between IEDEA

This effort has a significant software development component.  Although the
IEDEA project employs full-time software developers to support data
collection, this research work also includes software deliverables, as
described.  The development language is Java, but the applicant will
preferably also have experience with, and enthusiasm for, functional
programming languages such as Haskell and some of its domain-specific
derivatives.  Research opportunities include the adaptation of concepts
from functional programming languages to build local capacity for medical
and epidemiological analysis in LMIC, as well as the investigation of
security and privacy issues in this domain.

For further information, please contact Professor Dominic Duggan (
dduggan at stevens.edu, dd at dominicduggan.org).  Applications for the position
should be submitted via this Web site:


Applicants for the position should also forward a copy of their application
to Prof. Duggan, at the emails above.

Job requirements:

- PhD (or equivalent degree) in topics related to domain-specific
languages, security and privacy, and mobile technologies.
- Excellent Java programming skills.
- Preferably a strong functional programming background.
- Commitment to doing high-quality research.
- Oral and written proficiency in English.

Dominic Duggan
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ 07030.
Telephone: (201) 216-8042
Email: dduggan at stevens.edu
Web: http://www.dominicduggan.org
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