[TYPES/announce] [Concurrency] Phd/PostDoc positions in Formal Methods for Distributed Systems

Constantin Enea Constantin.Enea at liafa.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Tue Feb 9 16:09:56 EST 2016

Several phd and postdoc positions are available at University Paris Diderot, France, on a recently funded ERC Starting Grant on Verification of Distributed Data Structures. 

** The project **

The future of the computing technology relies on fast access, transformation, and exchange of data across large-scale networks such as the Internet. The design of software systems that support high-frequency parallel accesses to high-quantity data is a fundamental challenge. As more scalable alternatives to traditional relational databases, distributed data structures (DDSs) like Amazon Simple Storage Service, Cassandra, Google AppEngine Datastore, MongoDB, etc. are at the basis of a wide range of automated services, for now, and for the foreseeable future. The design and the usage of DDSs are based on new principles, for which we currently lack rigorous engineering methodologies. Specifically, we lack design procedures based on precise specifications, and automated reasoning techniques for enhancing the reliability of the engineering process.

The project aims at developing automated formal methods for rigorous engineering of DDSs. The main objectives are to develop (1) coherent formal specifications that provide precise requirements at design time and explicit guarantees during their usage, (2) programming principles, compatible with these specifications, for building applications on top of DDSs, and (3) efficient automated reasoning techniques for debugging or validating DDSs implementations against their specifications.

** Candidates **

We seek candidates with a strong background in Computer Science with an interest in formal methods, programming languages, and algorithms. Experience in distributed systems would be advantageous. Applicants should have a strong theoretical background, but also some minimal experience with software development. Candidates should provide evidence of relevant work, where possible, and must demonstrate a desire to perform internationally-leading research.

** Application **

Interested candidates should send a short motivation letter, alongside other supporting documents like the CV and the names of two reference persons, to Constantin Enea (Constantin.Enea at liafa.univ <mailto:Constantin.Enea at liafa.univ>-paris-diderot.fr <http://paris-diderot.fr/>) Please feel free to ask more details about the project, the salaries, and the research environment. 

** More Information **

The successful candidates will join the "Modeling and Verification" group at IRIF: 

https://www.irif.univ-paris-diderot.fr/en/equipes/verif/index <https://www.irif.univ-paris-diderot.fr/en/equipes/verif/index>

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