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======================== Call for Participation ==========================

                            WRLA 2016

                        11th International
           Workshop on Rewriting Logic and its Applications

                    An ETAPS 2016 satellite event
              Eindhoven, The Netherlands, April 2-3, 2016


About WRLA

The aim of WRLA is to bring together researchers with a common
interest in rewriting and its applications, and to give them the
opportunity to present their recent work, discuss future research
directions, and exchange ideas.
The 2016 edition of WRLA is its 20th anniversary since its first
edition in Asilomar, California, in 1996. This will be marked by an
exciting and interesting programme.

Invited speakers

Nikolaj Bjorner (Microsoft Research)
Title: All strings attached: string and sequence constraints in Z3
Abstract: http://fmse.info.uaic.ro/events/WRLA2016/#talknb

Helene Kirchner (INRIA, France)
Title : Labeled Graphs Rewriting Meets with Social Networks
Abstract: http://fmse.info.uaic.ro/events/WRLA2016/#talkhk

Salvador Lucas.
Title: Program termination: from well-founded orderings to logical models
and back.
Abstract: http://fmse.info.uaic.ro/events/WRLA2016/#tutsl

Grigore Rosu, Andrei Stefanescu, and Stefan Ciobaca.
Title: Program Verification using Reachability Logic
Abstract: http://fmse.info.uaic.ro/events/WRLA2016/#tutgr

Carolyn Talcott. Pathway Logic: Executable Models of Cellular Processes
Abstract: http://fmse.info.uaic.ro/events/WRLA2016/#tutct

Accepted papers
Yuri Gil Dantas, Marcilio O. O. Lemos, Iguatemi E. Fonseca and
Vivek Nigam.
Formal Specification and Verification of a Selective Defense for
TDoS Attacks

Óscar Martín, Alberto Verdejo and Narciso Martí-Oliet.
Egalitarian state-transition systems

Yohan Boichut, Vivien Pelletier and Pierre Rety.
Synchronized Tree Languages for Reachability in Non-right-linear
Term Rewrite Systems

Shiji Bijo, Einar Broch Johnsen, Ka I Pun and
Silvia Lizeth Tapia Tarifa.
A Maude Framework for Cache Coherent Multicore Architectures

Vlad Rusu and Andrei Arusoaie.
Proving Reachability-Logic Formulas Incrementally

Antonio Moreno-Delgado, Francisco Durán and Jose Meseguer.
Towards Generic Monitors for Object-Oriented Real-Time Maude

Traian Florin Serbanuta.
Maximally Parallel Contextual String Rewriting

Stephen Skeirik and José Meseguer.
Metalevel Algorithms For Variant Satisfiability


Please use the ETAPS registration web page


to register for WRLA 2016.

The deadline for early registration in ETAPS 2016 is March 1st, 2016.
Do not miss it!

Further information

Please do not hesitate to contact the organizer
  dlucanu at info.uaic.ro
or visit the workshop web page
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