[TYPES/announce] Call for participation: Games for Logic and Programming Languages XI

Paul Blain Levy P.B.Levy at cs.bham.ac.uk
Wed Feb 24 23:28:31 EST 2016

Dear colleagues,

I'm happy to announce a great programme for GaLoP 2016, which takes 
place on 2-3 April in Eindhoven, Netherlands, as part of ETAPS 2016.


**Early registration deadline for ETAPS**
  this Tuesday (1 March)
Sorry for the late announcement!

We have John Longley as invited speaker, and a game semantics tutorial 
(tbc) by Dan Ghica.

Accepted papers:

Weak memory models using event structures
Simon Castellan

Partial Evaluation and Normalisation by Traversals
Neil Jones and Daniil Berezun

A Dialectica-Like Approach to Tree Automata
Colin Riba

Concrete Data Structures as Dialogue Games
Clément Jacq and Paul-André Melliès

Relating causal and interleaving concurrent game semantics Pierre 
Clairambault and Simon Castellan

Extraction from classical proofs using game models
Valentin Blot

Constructing playgrounds: fibred double categories
Clovis Eberhart and Tom Hirschowitz

Game Semantics for Dependent Types
Matthijs Vákár

Trace semantics for polymorphic references
Guilhem Jaber and Nikos Tzevelekos

Game Semantics and the Complexity of Interaction
Federico Aschieri

Interaction Graphs and Quantitative Semantics
Thomas Seiler

Data and Functions Types in Ludics
Alice Pavaux

Games with ordinal sequences of moves
W. John Gowers and James D. Laird

Probabilistic Games for Differential Privacy
Luca Fossati and Marco Gaboardi

On Compilation and Call-by-Value Games
Ulrich Schöpp

Strategies in HO/N games as profunctors
Takeshi Tsukada and Kazuyuki Asada

Decidability of RML via game semantics
Andrzej Murawski

**Early registration deadline**
Tuesday 1 March (in case you've forgotten)

I look forward to seeing you at GaLoP 2016.
Best regards,

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