[TYPES/announce] verified trustworthy software systems

Gardner, Philippa A p.gardner at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Feb 25 15:28:40 EST 2016

Hello all,

I am organising a Royal Society Meeting on `Verified Trustworthy
Software Systems’ on 4th-5th April with Mike Gordon (Cambridge), Greg
Morrisett (Harvard—>Cornell), Peter O’Hearn (Facebook) and Fred
Schneider (Cornell), and an associated two-day specialist workshop at
Imperial on 6th-7th April.

For the Royal Society meeting, the audience will comprise verification
experts, systems and security experts interested in verification,
industrialists using verification, and government scientists thinking
about verification challenges in cyber security and the certification
of software. For the specialist workshop at Imperial, the speakers and
audience will comprise verification, systems and security experts
(think Dagstuhl with many more people in the audience, the fun meeting).

The speakers are given below. All details about the meetings can be
found at this link:


If interested in attending the meetings, please contact Teresa Carbajo 
Garcia at t.carbajo-garcia at imperial.ac.uk. There are approximately 50 
places left and we believe the demand will be high, so please contact Teresa

We have a few travel scolarships for PhD students: decisions on 11th
March (although get in touch with Teresa early to ensure a place).
See the webpage for details.

Best wishes,
Philippa Gardner 


The speakers for the Royal Society meeting include:

Dr Tom Ball, Dr Mark Batty, Professor Kathleen Fisher, Professor
Philippa Gardner, Dr Alexey Gotsman, Sir Tony Hoare FREng FRS,
Professor Gerwin Klein, Professor Daniel Kroening, Dr Xavier Leroy,
Professor Greg Morrisett, Professor Peter O’Hearn, Professor John
Regehr, Professor Fred Schneider, Professor J Strother Moore, Dr
George Varghese, Professor Nickolai Zeldovich.

The speakers for the specialist meeting at Imperial include:

Professor Michael Backes, Professor Lujo Bauer, Dr Cristian Cadar,
Professor Adam Chlipala, Dr Alastair Donaldson, Dr Derek Dreyer, Dr
Jérôme Feret, Dr Cédric Fournet, Dr Chris Hawblitzel, Professor Gernot
Heiser, Professor Warren Hunt, Dr John Launchbury, Professor Pasquale
Malacaria, Professor Heiko Mantel, Dr Michael Norrish, Professor
Andrei Sabelfeld, Professor Peter Sewell, Dr Alexandra Silva, Dr Anna
Slobodova, Dr Viktor Vafeiadis.

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