[TYPES/announce] CfP: Workshop ARCH collocated with CPSWeek 2016

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Thu Mar 17 17:36:21 EDT 2016


ARCH 2016

3rd International Workshop on
Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems
CPSWeek 2016, Vienna, Austria, April 11, 2016



The workshop on applied verification for continuous and hybrid systems
(ARCH) brings together researchers and practitioners, and establishes
a curated set of benchmarks submitted by academia and industry. Topics
include, but are not limited to
- Proposals for new benchmark problems (not necessarily yet solvable)
- Tool presentations
- Tool executions and evaluations based on ARCH benchmarks
- Experience reports including open issues for industrial success



Early registration deadline: *March 18, 2016*


08:00 Registration

09:00-10:25 Invited Talk and Benchmarks I

Invited Talk: Dirk Beyer:
Reliable and Reproducible Competition Results

Houssam Abbas, Kuk Jin Jang and Rahul Mangharam:
Nonlinear Hybrid Automata Model of Excitable Cardiac Tissue

Sidharta Andalam, Avinash Malik, Partha Roop and Mark Trew:
Hybrid automata model of the heart for formal verification of pacemakers

10:25-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:20 Benchmarks II

Scott Livingston and Vasumathi Raman:
Chains of Integrators as a Benchmark for Scalability of Hybrid Control Synthesis

Andrew Sogokon, Taylor T Johnson and Khalil Ghorbal:
Benchmarks for Non-linear Continuous System Safety Verification

Omar Beg, Ali Davoudi and Taylor T Johnson:
Formal Verification of Charge Pump Phase-Locked Loop and Full Wave
Rectifier Through Reachability Analysis

Simone Schuler, Fabiano Daher Adegas and Adolfo Anta:
Hybrid modelling of a wind turbine

12:20-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:20 Benchmarks III and Tools I

Sergiy Bogomolov, Christian Herrera and Wilfried Steiner:
Benchmark for Verification of Fault-Tolerant Clock Synchronization Algorithms

Hoang-Dung Tran, Luan Viet Nguyen and Taylor T Johnson:
Large-Scale Linear Systems from Order-Reduction

Stanley Bak, Sergiy Bogomolov and Christian Schilling:
High-level Hybrid Systems Analysis with Hypy

Ibtissem Ben Makhlouf, Norman Hansen and Stefan Kowalewski:
HyReach: A Reachability Tool for Linear Hybrid Systems Based on
Support Functions

15:20-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-17:20 Tools II

Axel Busboom, Simone Schuler and Alexander Walsch:
FormalSpec - semi-automatic formalization of system requirements for
formal verification

Dalibor Drzajic, Nikolaos Kariotoglou, Maryam Kamgarpour and John Lygeros:
A Semidefinite Programming Approach to Control Synthesis for
Stochastic Reach-Avoid Problems

Heinz Riener, Robert Koenighofer, Goerschwin Fey and Roderick Bloem:
SMT-Based CPS Parameter Synthesis and Repair

Matthias Althoff and Dmitry Grebenyuk
Implementation of Interval Arithmetic in CORA 2016

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