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SMT Workshop 2016

14th International Workshop on Satisfiability Modulo Theories

Affiliated with IJCAR 2016, Coimbra, Portugal

July 1sth - 2nd, 2016


--- Final Call For Papers ---



Determining the satisfiability of first-order formulas modulo
background theories, known as the Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT)
problem, has proved to be an enabling technology for verification,
synthesis, test generation, compiler optimization, scheduling, and
other areas. The success of SMT techniques depends on the development
of both domain-specific decision procedures for each background theory
(e.g., linear arithmetic, the theory of arrays, or the theory of
bit-vectors) and combination methods that allow one to obtain more
versatile SMT tools. These ingredients together make SMT techniques
well-suited for use in larger automated reasoning and verification

Aims and Scope

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers and users of
SMT tools and techniques. Relevant topics include but are not limited

* Decision procedures and theories of interest
* Combinations of decision procedures
* Novel implementation techniques
* Applications and case studies
* Benchmarks and evaluation methodologies
* Theoretical results

Papers on pragmatic aspects of implementing and using SMT tools, as
well as novel applications of SMT, are especially encouraged.

Important dates

* Submission deadline: April 29, 2016 (extended from April 15, 2016)
* Notification: May 20, 2016
* Camera ready versions due: May 27, 2016
* Workshop: July 1-2, 2016

Paper submission and Proceedings

Three categories of submissions are invited:

* Extended abstracts: given the informal style of the workshop, we
strongly encourage the submission of preliminary reports of work in
progress. They may range in length from very short (a couple of pages)
to the full 10 pages and they will be judged based on the expected
level of interest for the SMT community. They will be included in the
informal proceedings.

* Original papers: contain original research (simultaneous submissions
are not allowed) and sufficient detail to assess the merits and
relevance of the submission. For papers reporting experimental results,
authors are strongly encouraged to make their data available.

* Presentation-only papers: describe work recently published or
submitted and will not be included in the proceedings. We see this as a
way to provide additional access to important developments that SMT
Workshop attendees may be unaware of.

Papers in all three categories will be peer-reviewed. Papers should
not exceed 10 pages and should be in standard-conforming
PDF. Technical details may be included in an appendix to be read at
the reviewers' discretion. Final versions should be prepared in LaTeX
using the easychair.cls class file. (The 10 page does not include

To submit a paper, go to the EasyChair SMT page
<http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=smt2016> and follow the
instructions there.

Original papers presented at SMT 2016 will be recommended by the
Program Committee to be considered for a special issue of the Journal
on Formal Methods in System Design (FMSD) on Satisfiability Modulo

Encouraging Student Participation through the Morgan Deters Travel Award

The Morgan Deters Travel Award was created to honor the memory of
Morgan Deters, for his contributions to the theory and practice of SMT.
The award is intended to enable selected students to attend the SMT
workshop by partially covering their workshop-related expenses. While
preference will be given to students who will play an active role in
the workshop, students who do not expect to give presentations,
including students who have just begun their research, or are
considering the field, are encouraged to apply.

Applications for the travel award will be through an application form
on <http://smt-workshop.cs.uiowa.edu/2016/>. The application includes
a short recommendation letter written by the student's supervisor.
Applications should be submitted by June 5.

Donations to the travel award fund are welcome at

Program Committee

* Erika Abraham (RWTH Aachen)
* Nikolaj Bjorner (Microsoft Research)
* Jasmin Christian Blanchette (Inria Nancy & LORIA)
* Sylvain Conchon (Universite Paris-Sud)
* Leonardo de Moura (Microsoft Research)
* Rayna Dimitrova (MPI-SWS)
* Pascal Fontaine (Universite de Lorraine)
* Alberto Griggio (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
* Liana Hadarean (Synopsys)
* Jochen Hoenicke (Universitat Freiburg)
* Dejan Jovanovic (SRI International)
* Tim King (Google), co-chair
* David Monniaux (VERIMAG)
* Alexander Nadel (Intel)
* Albert Oliveras (Technical University of Catalonia)
* Ruzica Piskac (Yale University), co-chair
* Andrew Reynolds (EPFL)
* Enric Rodriguez Carbonell (Technical University of Catalonia)
* Philipp Ruemmer (Uppsala University)
* Roberto Sebastiani (Universita di Trento)
* Cesare Tinelli (University of Iowa)
* Thomas Wies (NYU)
* Damien Zufferey (MIT)

Invited Speakers

Bruno Dutertre, SRI International

Bruno Dutertre is a Staff Scientist at SRI International, Menlo Park. CA.
His research interests include formal methods and their application to the
verification of high-integrity systems. At SRI, he maintains and develops
formal methods tools, such as, model checkers and SMT solvers. He is the
developer and maintainer of the Yices 2 SMT Solver.

Other speakers will be announced on the website.
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