[TYPES/announce] WST 2016 - First Call for Papers

Thiemann, Rene Rene.Thiemann at uibk.ac.at
Mon May 9 07:44:12 EDT 2016

                          WST 2016 - 1st Call for Papers                    
                   15th International Workshop on Termination
                     September 5-7, 2016, Obergurgl, Austria

The Workshop on Termination (WST) traditionally brings together, in an
informal setting, researchers interested in all aspects of termination,
whether this interest be practical or theoretical, primary or derived. The
workshop also provides a ground for cross-fertilization of ideas from term
rewriting and from the different programming language communities. The
friendly atmosphere enables fruitful exchanges leading to joint research
and subsequent publications.

The event is held as part of CLA 2016


 * submission     June 22, 2016
 * notification   July 12, 2016
 * final version  August 3, 2016
 * workshop       September 5-7, 2016

TOPICS: The 15th International Workshop on Termination welcomes
contributions on all aspects of termination and termination analysis.

Contributions from the imperative, constraint, functional, and logic
programming communities, and papers investigating applications of
complexity or termination (for example in program transformation or
theorem proving) are particularly welcome.

Topics of interest include all aspects of termination. This includes
(but is not limited to):
 * certification of termination and complexity proofs
 * challenging termination problems
 * comparison and classification of termination methods
 * complexity analysis in any domain
 * implementation of termination and complexity methods
 * implicit computational complexity
 * infinitary normalization
 * non-termination analysis and loop detection
 * normalization in lambda calculi
 * operational termination of conditional rewrite systems
 * ordinal notation and subrecursive hierarchies
 * SAT, SMT, and constraint solving for (non-)termination analysis
 * scalability and modularity of termination methods
 * termination analysis in any domain
 * well-founded relations and well-quasi-orders

COMPETITION: There will be a live complexity and termination competition
during the workshop, including time to present both the results and the
tools of the participants. More details will be provided in a dedicated
announcement on the competition.

 * Ugo Dal Lago         Bologna University
 * Jörg Endrullis       VU University Amsterdam
 * Yukiyoshi Kameyama   University of Tsukuba
 * Salvador Lucas       Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
 * Aart Middeldorp      University of Innsbruck, co-chair
 * Andrey Rybalchenko   Microsoft Research
 * Thomas Ströder       RWTH Aachen
 * René Thiemann        University of Innsbruck, co-chair
 * Andreas Weiermann    Ghent University

 * Rainer Hähnle        TU Darmstadt

SUBMISSION: Submissions are short papers/extended abstract which should
not exceed 5 pages. There will be no formal reviewing. In particular, we
welcome short versions of recently published articles and papers submitted
elsewhere. The program committee checks relevance and provides additional
feedback for each submission. The accepted papers will be made available
electronically before the workshop.

Papers should be submitted electronically via the submission page:


Final versions should be created using LaTeX and the LIPIcs style file


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