[TYPES/announce] Call for Papers: 2nd IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P), April 26-28, 2017 in Paris

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Fri Jul 1 02:02:36 EDT 2016

IEEE EuroS&P 2017 Call for Papers

Since 1980, the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy has been the
premier forum for presenting developments in computer security and
electronic privacy. Following this story of success, IEEE initiated the
European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P), which is organized
every year in a European city.

The 2nd EuroS&P symposium will be held on April 26-28, 2017 in Paris.
Dan Boneh will give a keynote speech on Thursday, April 27. For more
information see below and on the official conference website:



  Keynote speaker: Dan Boneh, Stanford University
  Systematization of Knowledge (SoK) Track (new)
  Best Paper Award (new)
  Symposium held just before EUROCRYPT 2017 (also in central Paris)


All deadlines are AoE (Anywhere on Earth, UTC-12h).

  Paper submission due:          Aug 4th, 2016 (firm)
  Early reject notifications:    Sep 20th, 2016
  Author response due:           Sep 22nd, 2016
  Acceptance notifications:      Oct 17th, 2016
  Camera-ready papers due:       Feb 13th, 2017


We solicit novel research contributions in any aspect of security or
privacy. Papers may present advances in the theory, design,
implementation, analysis, verification, or empirical evaluation and
measurement of secure systems. For research topics of interests see:


SoK: We also solicit systematization of knowledge papers that evaluate,
systematize, and contextualize existing knowledge. Suitable papers are
those that provide an important new viewpoint on an established, major
research area, support or challenge long-held beliefs in such an area
with compelling evidence, or present a new taxonomy of such an area.


The conference is hosted in the Jussieu campus of Université Pierre et
Marie Curie (Paris 6), which is located right in the center of Paris,
about 10 minutes walk from Notre Dame. For more details and a map see:


April 26-28 is right before EUROCRYPT 2017, which will also happen in
Paris. The affiliated events will be organized jointly with EUROCRYPT on
April 29-30, 2017, also at UPMC Campus Jussieu.


Papers must not exceed 15 pages total (including the references and
appendices). Papers must be formatted for US letter (not A4) size, in
two-column layout, and use Times font, 10-point or larger.

The submission site will open in July 2016.

Outstanding paper(s) will be selected by the program committee for the
best paper award. The award will be announced at the symposium.


Program Chairs:
  Andrei Sabelfeld            Chalmers University of Technology
  Matthew Smith               University of Bonn & Fraunhofer FKIE

PC Members:
  Michael Backes              CISPA, Saarland University & MPI-SWS
  Gilles Barthe               IMDEA
  David Basin                 ETH Zurich
  Dan Boneh                   Stanford
  Srdjan Capkun               ETH Zurich
  Marc Dacier                 QCRI/HBKU
  George Danezis              University College London
  Sergej Dechand              University of Bonn
  Sascha Fahl                 CISPA, Saarland University
  Dario Fiore                 IMDEA
  Simone Fischer-Huebner      Karlstad University
  Pierre-Alain Fouque         Rennes Univ. & Institut Univ. de France
  Deepak Garg                 MPI-SWS
  Virgil Gligor               Carnegie Mellon University
  Joshua Guttman              WPI & MITRE
  Mike Just                   Heriot-Watt University
  Jonathan Katz               University of Maryland
  Yongdae Kim                 KAIST
  Engin Kirda                 Northeastern University
  Steve Kremer                LORIA
  Peeter Laud                 Cybernetica
  Sebastian Lekies            Google
  Ninghui Li                  Purdue University
  Ben Livshits                Microsoft Research
  Jean-Yves Marion            LORIA & Lorraine University
  Michelle Mazurek            University of Maryland
  Jonathan McCune             Google
  Patrick McDaniel            Penn State University
  Greg Morrisett              Cornell University
  Toby Murray                 University of Melbourne
  Nick Nikiforakis            Stony Brook University
  Panos Papadimitratos        Royal Institute of Technology
  Ioannis Papagiannis         Facebook
  Olivier Pereira             UCLouvain
  Frank Piessens              KU Leuven
  Christina Poepper           New York University Abu Dhabi
  Georgios Portokalidis       Stevens Institute of Technology
  Bart Preneel                KU Leuven
  Delphine Reinhardt          University of Bonn & Fraunhofer FKIE
  Reza Shokri                 Cornell Tech
  Frank Stajano               University of Cambridge
  Francois-Xavier Standaert   UCLouvain
  Deian Stefan                UCSD & Intrinsic
  Vanessa Teague              University of Melbourne
  Nikos Triandopoulos         Boston Univ. & Stevens Institute of Techn.
  Blase Ur                    CMU & University of Chicago
  Hoeteck Wee                 ENS
  Kehuan Zhang                Chinese University of Hong Kong
  Emanuel von Zezschwitz      Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich


  General Chair          Cătălin Hriţcu           Inria Paris
  Local Chair            Karthikeyan Bhargavan    Inria Paris
  Finance Chair          Bruno Blanchet           Inria Paris
  Events Chair           Pierre-Evariste Dagand   UPMC and CNRS
  Donations Chair        Benjamin Beurdouche      Inria Paris
  Publications Chair     Ben Stock                CISPA, Saarland Univ.
  Publicity Chairs       Patrick McDaniel         Penn State Univ.
                         Christian Rossow         CISPA, Saarland Univ.
  Website Admin          Guido Martínez           Inria Paris
  Social Media Chair     Nadim Kobeissi           Inria Paris
  Posters Chair          Gaëtan Leurent           Inria Paris
  Student Grants Chair   Tamara Rezk              Inria Sophia Antipolis
  Short Talks Chair      Benjamin Smith           Inria Saclay


For questions regarding the conference, please feel free to contact the
Program Committee Chairs or the General Chair. Media requests should be
directed to the Publicity Chairs.

More information about EuroS&P '17 can be found on its official website:


Thanks and best regards,
  Andrei Sabelfeld, Matthew Smith, Cătălin Hriţcu
  (on behalf of the organizing committee)

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