[TYPES/announce] PhD or Postdoc in Semantics Engineering for Language Designer's Workbench at TU Delft

Eelco Visser eelcovis at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 09:31:37 EDT 2016

We have open positions for PhD students and Postdocs in the Programming
Languages group of Eelco Visser <http://eelcovisser.org> at TU Delft. If
you would like to provide a contribution to our work on language
engineering, semantics engineering, and/or language design in the context
of the Language Designer's Workbench
<http://eelcovisser.org/wiki/projects/ldwb> project and the Spoofax
Language Workbench <http://spoofax.org>, and you have a strong background
in programming languages, language engineering, and/or verification you are
most welcome to apply. Please include a motivation letter explaining how
you could contribute and a CV showing your background.

In the project we are exploring a new approach to type systems and name
binding based on the scope graph framework (ESOP 2015, ETAPS best paper),
which we use as the basis for static name resolution and a uniform model
for memory in dynamic semantics (ECOOP 2016); see links to publications

Candidates are expected to start in the Fall of 2016 and applications are
due August 7, 2016

For more information see


-- Eelco Visser

Professor of Computer Science, TU Delft


The Language Designers Workbench

## Publications

Scopes describe Frames: A uniform model for memory layout in dynamic
semantics (ECOOP16)

A constraint language for static semantic analysis based on scope graphs

A theory of name resolution (ESOP 2015)

DynSem: A DSL for Dynamic Semantics Specification (RTA 2015)

A language designer's workbench: A one-stop-shop for implementation and
verification of language designs (Onward! 2014)

IceDust: Incremental and eventual computation of derived values in
persistent object graphs (ECOOP16)

Unifying and generalizing relations in role-based data modeling and
navigation (SLE 2014)
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