[TYPES/announce] Linear logic 2016 (Nov 7-10): Autumn school and Workshops

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Tue Jul 19 09:07:17 EDT 2016

** Important: student grants,         deadline Sep 20, 2016 **
** Important: call for contributions, deadline Sep 10, 2016 **

        Call for participation and submission of abstracts

    LL2016 - Linear Logic: interaction, proofs and computation
                    Autumn school and workshops

                 Lyon, France, November 7-10, 2016


Linear Logic 2016 will be a four-day meeting in Lyon, including three 
   - Autumn school on linear logic (Nov 7-8)
   - Workshop 'Linear logic and philosophy' (Nov 8, afternoon)
   - Workshop 'Linear logic, mathematics and computer science' (Nov 9-10)

The present announcement is a call for submission of abstracts to the
workshop 'Linear logic, mathematics and computer science' (Nov 9-10) and
a call for participation for all three events (see below).


   Linear logic was introduced 30 years ago and has rapidly become a
pivot point between mathematical logic and computer science. This field
has diversified into various chapters: proof-nets, categorical
semantics, geometry of interaction, game semantics etc. These chapters
have provided many tools and concepts useful in computer science to
analyse, understand, control and generalise computational dynamics.
The contribution of linear logic to the logical foundations
of computer science has also influenced other fields, e.g. computational 
and quantum computing, and it has inspired philosophical investigations
around the computational approach to logic. For these reasons the 
event aims to gather mathematicians, computer scientists and
philosophers in order to foster interaction in research on linear logic.

The following three events are organised. Registration instructions for
all events are below.


  This school is mainly directed towards Master's students with a
background in logic and philosophy, computer science or mathematics. It
is also open to PhD students and researchers who would like to learn
about linear logic.
  The goal is to give a structured introduction to the main concepts and
results in  linear logic. It will assume as prerequisites only a basic
knowledge of classical logic and of formal proof systems (sequent
calculus or natural deduction). The aim is to allow the participants to
understand, in particular, the motivations and origins of linear logic,
its logical connectives, sequent calculus, proof-nets, semantics,
relationships with intuitionistic and classical logic etc.
  The lectures will be given in English. More detailed information
about the programme and the lecturers will be available on the web site.

* WORKSHOP 'Linear logic and philosophy' (Nov 8, afternoon)

  This meeting will consist of invited talks only. It will address some
of the philosophical issues raised by linear logic such as the 
foundations of logic, the problem of proof representation, and the 
between logic and physics.

* WORKSHOP 'Linear logic, mathematics and computer science' (Nov 9-10)

  This workshop will consist of invited talks (TBA on the web page soon)
and contributed ones. For contributed talks, authors are invited to
submit an abstract following the instructions below. Submissions on all
topics related to linear logic in its relations with mathematics and
computer science are welcome, for instance, but not exclusively:
   - proof-nets
   - denotational and categorical semantics
   - geometry of interaction, game semantics
   - linear type systems
   - implicit computational complexity


We invite the submission of abstracts at most 2 pages long. Submission 
electronic, in text or PDF format, via the web site of the workshop at

   - Sep 10, 2016: deadline for submission of abstracts
   - Sep 25, 2016: notification


- The school (Nov 7-8) will take place at Universite Lyon 3.
- The workshop 'Linear logic and philosophy' (Nov 8, afternoon) will
   take place at Universite Lyon 3.
- The workshop 'Linear logic, mathematics and computer science' (Nov 
  will take place at ENS Lyon.

Further travel and venue information will be made available on the web 


- Deadline for registration: Sep 30, 2016
- No registration fees
- To register, see the web page:https://ll2016.sciencesconf.org/


  A limited number of student grants for the autumn school are available.
Grants can cover local expenses (accommodation and meals) and transport.
Applications to attend the four days of LL2016 will be considered 
  Applications should contain a short curriculum vitae (mentioning the
degree prepared, e.g. Master's or PhD), a letter from a person 
the student (e.g. director of the Master's programme, Master's thesis
supervisor or PhD supervisor), and a short motivation letter by the
applicant. Please follow the instructions that will be made available
on the web page.

The deadline for application for student grants is Sep 20, 2016.


- Michele Abrusci (Univ. Roma Tre, Italy) [chair]
- Patrick Baillot (CNRS, LIP, ENS Lyon, France)
- Thomas Ehrhard (CNRS, IRIF, Univ. Denis Diderot - Paris 7, France)
- Martin Hofmann (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Deutschland)
- Jean-Baptiste Joinet (IRPhil, Univ. Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, France)
- Olivier Laurent (CNRS, LIP, ENS Lyon, France)
- Mitsu Okada (Univ. Keiô, Tokyo, Japan)
- Myriam Quatrini (I2M, Univ. Aix-Marseille, France)
- Phil Scott (Univ. Ottawa, Canada)
- Lorenzo Tortora de Falco (Univ. Roma Tre, Italy)

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