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*Theory and Applications of Models of Computation 2017* ( 
http://www.tamc2017.unibe.ch )

TAMC 2017 aims at bringing together a wide range of researchers with 
interest in computational theory and its applications. The main themes 
of the conference are computability, computer science logic, complexity, 
algorithms, models of computation and systems theory. There are  two 
special sessions planned: /Logic in computer science /and /New models of 
computation/. Typical but not exclusive topics of interest include:

algebraic computation
algorithmic coding and number theory
approximation algorithms
automata theory
computational biology and biological computing
computational complexity
computational game theory
computational geometry
computer science logic
domain models
learning theory
modal and temporal logics
model theory for computing
natural computation
networks in nature and society
online algorithms
privacy and security
process models
proof complexity
property testing
quantum computing
randomness and pseudo-randomness
space-time tradeoffs
streaming algorithms
systems theory
VLSI  models of computation


*Marta Kwiatkowska (Univesity of Oxford, Oxford)
Pinyan Lu (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai)
Maria Emilia Maietti (Università di Padova, Padova)
Johann A. Makowsky (Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa)
Carlos Martín-Vide (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona)
Stefan Wolf (Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano)
Jeffery Zucker (McMaster University, Hamilton)


*Submission Deadline:*
October 31, 2016

*Notification of Acceptance:*
December 15, 2016

*Final Camera Ready Version:*
January 15, 2017


*Chair:* G. Jäger (University of Bern)
*Co-chair:* T V Gopal (Anna University, India)
*Members: *S. Artemov, J. Bradfield, C. Calude, V. Chakaravarthy, A. 
Fässler, H. Fernau, D. Fotakis, T. Fujito, C.A. Furia, A.D. Jaggard, R. 
Kuznets, S. Lempp, J. Liu, S. Martini, K. Meer, M. Minnes, P. Moser, M. 
Ogihara, J. Rolim, H. Schwichtenberg, A. Seth, R.K. Shyamasundar, S. 
Steila, T. Studer, S. Wainer, P. Widmayer, G. Wu, Y. Yin, M. Ying, T. 
Zeugmann, N. Zhan


*M. Agrawal (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)
Jin-Yi Cai (University of Wisconsin)
J. Hopcroft (Cornell University)
A. Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Z. Liu (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

*Paper submission via Easychair. Please find the paper submission 
guidelines at*:http://www.tamc2017.unibe.ch/submission.html 

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