[TYPES/announce] PhD Student Position Opening, Topic: Reactive Synthesis of Graphical User Interface Code, University of Bremen

Ruediger Ehlers ruediger.ehlers at uni-bremen.de
Mon Oct 10 06:18:43 EDT 2016

The "Modelling of Technical Systems" research group at the University of 
Bremen is seeking to hire

1 Ph.D. Student / Scientific Assistant

for the duration of 3 years for a project on *reactive synthesis of 
graphical user interface (GUI) code*, funded by the German Research 
Foundation (DFG). Compensation is based on the German TV-L 13 payscale (full 
position), amounting to approx. EUR 42.000 p.a. (gross). We are seeking 
applicants that already have or are close to the completion of a Master's 
degree in Computer Science or a related subject. As the research project is 
based on automata-theoric foundations and efficient computational engines 
(SAT solvers, SMT solvers, ...), knowledge in these areas is helpful (but 
not strictly needed). The project seeks to develop algorithms for the 
efficient automatic computation of GUI glue code. Such glue code 
orchestrates a program's main functionality with the state and events of its 
graphical user interface. The project is well-suited for writing a Ph.D. 
thesis about the results obtained.

We are a small-sized research group, so the successful applicant can expect 
close collaboration and a high level of support from all other research 
group members. There are no teaching obligations, and no knowledge of German 
is necessary. The (junior) research group is headed by Prof. Rüdiger Ehlers, 
who is happy to answer all questions regarding the project and/or the open 

More details and the official job advertisement can be found at:


The position will remain open until filled. Review of the applications will 
begin on October 19, so prospective applicants are encouraged to apply by 
this date. The official job offer page will remain visible until the end of 
October, but late applications may also be considered. The starting date is 
a bit flexible, but is expected to be in the first quarter of 2017.

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