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An annual award, called the *Alonzo Church Award for Outstanding
Contributions to Logic and Computation*, was established in 2015 by the ACM
Special Interest Group for Logic and Computation (SIGLOG), the European
Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS), the European
Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL), and the Kurt Gödel Society
(KGS). The award is for an outstanding contribution represented by a paper
or by a small group of papers published within the past 25 years. This time
span allows the lasting impact and depth of the contribution to have been
established. The award can be given to an individual, or to a group of
individuals who have collaborated on the research. For the rules governing
this award, see:


The 2016 Alonzo Church Award was given to Rajeev Alur and David Dill for
their invention of timed automata, see: http://eacsl.kahle.ch/church16.pdf

Eligibility and Nominations

The contribution must have appeared in a paper or papers published within
the past 25 years. Thus, for the 2017 award, the cut-off date is January 1,
1992. When a paper has appeared in a conference and then in a journal, the
date of the journal publication will determine the cut-off date. In
addition, the contribution must not yet have received recognition via a
major award, such as the Turing Award, the Kanellakis Award, or the Gödel
Prize. (The nominee(s) may have received such awards for other
contributions.) While the contribution can consist of conference or journal
papers, journal papers will be given a preference.

Nominations for the 2017 award are now being solicited. The nominating
letter must summarise the contribution and make the case that it is
fundamental and outstanding. The nominating letter can have multiple
co-signers. Self-nominations are excluded. Nominations must include: a
proposed citation (up to 25 words); a succinct (100-250 words) description
of the contribution; and a detailed statement (not exceeding four pages) to
justify the nomination. Nominations may also be accompanied by supporting
letters and other evidence of worthiness.

Nominations are due by *March 1, 2017*, and should be submitted to
gdp at inf.ed.ac.uk.

Presentation of the Award

The 2017 award will be presented at the CSL conference, the annual meeting
of the European Association for Computer Science Logic. The award will be
accompanied by an invited lecture by the award winner, or by one of the
award winners. The awardee(s) will receive a certificate and a cash prize
of USD 2,000. If there are multiple awardees, this amount will be shared.

Award Committee

The 2017 Alonzo Church Award Committee consists of the following four
members: Natarajan Shankar, Catuscia Palamidessi, Gordon Plotkin (chair),
and Moshe Vardi.
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