[TYPES/announce] Off the Beaten Track 2017: Call for Participation

Robert Atkey bob.atkey at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 06:04:50 EST 2016

# Call for Participation: Off the Beaten Track 2017


21st January 2017

(co-located with POPL 2017, Paris, France)

## Registration


   ** Early registration deadline: Saturday 17th Dec 2016 **

## Invited Speakers

   - Moa Johansson, Chalmers, Sweden
   - Alan Blackwell, Cambridge University, UK

## Background

Programming language researchers have the principles, tools,
algorithms and abstractions to solve all kinds of problems, in all
areas of computer science. However, identifying and evaluating new
problems, particularly those that lie outside the typical core PL
problems we all know and love, can be a significant challenge. This
workshop’s goal is to identify and discuss problems that do not often
show up in our top conferences, but where programming language
research can make a substantial impact. We hope fora like this will
increase the diversity of problems that are studied by PL researchers
and thus increase our community’s impact on the world.

While many workshops associated with POPL have become more like
mini-conferences themselves, this is an anti-goal for OBT. The
workshop will be informal and structured to encourage discussion. We
are at least as interested in problems as in solutions.

## Programme

09:00-10:00 Invited talk: Reasoning about Functional Programs: 
Exploring, Testing and Inductive Proofs.
             Moa Johanssen

10:00-10:30 coffee break

10:30-10:55 Can we machine-learn programming language semantics?
             Dan Ghica, Khulood Alyahya and Victor Patentasu
             10:55-11:20 How Far Apart Should Those Programs Be?
             Ugo Dal Lago
             11:20-11:45 Programming Quantum Annealers
             George Stelle and Scott Pakin
             11:45-12:10 Understanding the POSIX Shell as a Programming 
             Michael Greenberg

12:10-14:00 lunch

14:00-15:00 Invited Talk: Varieties of Programming Experience
             Alan Blackwell
15:00-15:25 Bootstrapping the next generation of mathematical social 
             Ursula Martin, Alison Pease and Joe Corneli

15:30-16:00 coffee break

16:00-16:25 Designing extensible, domain-specific languages for 
mathematical diagrams
             Katherine Ye, Keenan Crane, Jonathan Aldrich and Joshua 
             16:25-16:50 Laziness Boxes You In
             Jose Manuel Calderon Trilla and Stephen Magill
             16:50-17:15 Programming with Epistemic Logic
             Markus Eger and Chris Martens
             17:15-17:40 Preventing False Discoveries in Adaptive Data 
Analysis: a Programming Language approach
             Marco Gaboardi
             17:40-18:05 Running Incomplete Programs
             Ian Voysey, Cyrus Omar and Matthew Hammer

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