[TYPES/announce] Post-doc positions at ENS Lyon

Russ Harmer russell.harmer at ens-lyon.fr
Fri Dec 16 16:33:43 EST 2016

Please find below a call for post-doctoral positions in Lyon, in Computer
Science and Mathematics. The positions are for 24 months. Applications for
the LIP laboratory (ENS Lyon) are eligible and, in particular for the Plume
<http://www.ens-lyon.fr/LIP/PLUME/> team (Proofs and Languages) within this

We recommend that potential candidates contact a permanent member of the
lab, who is close to their research area, for additional information and to
discuss their research project (a local scientific advisor must be
mentioned in the application).

The research topics of the Plume team revolve around the logical
foundations of programming languages (including types, linear logic, game
semantics...) and the theory of computing systems (including concurrent
systems, coalgebras and coinduction, logics for verification...).

Deadline: January 16, 2017.

LIP web page: http://www.ens-lyon.fr/LIP/


The Excellence Laboratory MILyon


opens the 2017 postdoctoral researchers in Mathematics and Fundamental
Computer Science campaign.

Milyon offers six postdoctoral positions with no teaching load for the
period 2017–2019:


All domains in Mathematics and Fundamental Computer Science are eligible.

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