[TYPES/announce] CoqPL 2022: Call for Participation

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                          CoqPL 2022

                8th International Workshop on Coq
                   for Programming Languages
             January, 2022, co-located with POPL
           Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

                   CALL FOR PARTICIPATION



The CoqPL'22 program is now available online: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://popl22.sigplan.org/home/CoqPL-2022*program__;Iw!!IBzWLUs!EMf4C-bxdtX1G9xysxedscdXtAprwRHFRSIj8Ct7EFp7565rfKtidDaJ5e2LXC_VF13RCrAJNzrpVw$  <https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://popl22.sigplan.org/home/CoqPL-2022*program__;Iw!!IBzWLUs!EMf4C-bxdtX1G9xysxedscdXtAprwRHFRSIj8Ct7EFp7565rfKtidDaJ5e2LXC_VF13RCrAJNzrpVw$ >

This year's edition of CoqPL will consist of six contributed talks, two invited talks, and a session with the Coq development team.

Workshop Overview

The series of CoqPL workshops provide an opportunity for programming languages researchers and practitioners with an interest in Coq to meet and interact with one another and members from the core Coq development team. At the meeting, we will discuss upcoming new features, see talks and demonstrations of exciting current projects, solicit feedback for potential future changes to Coq itself, and generally work to strengthen the vibrant community around our favorite proof assistant.

Invited Events
- Coq meets literate programming: tools for documenting, preserving, and sharing mechanized proofs: Clément Pit-Claudel
- Verifying Concurrent, Crash-Safe Systems with Perennial: Joseph Tassarotti
- Session with the Coq development team: Matthieu Sozeau

Contributed Talks
- A Visual Ltac Debugger in CoqIDE: Jim Fehrle
- Scrap your boilerplate definitions in 10 lines of Ltac!: Qianchuan Ye and Benjamin Delaware
- Tealeaves: Categorical structures for syntax: Lawrence Dunn, Steve Zdancewic, Val Tannen
- Towards a Formalization of Nominal Sets in Coq: Fabrício S. Paranhos, Daniel Ventura
- A Verified Pipeline from a Specification Language to Optimized, Safe Rust: Rasmus Holdsbjerg-Larsen, Bas Spitters, Mikkel Milo
- A Case for Lightweight Interfaces in Coq: David Swasey, Paolo G. Giarrusso, Gregory Malecha

Hybrid workshop due to Covid-19
CoqPL 2022 is collocated with POPL 2022 and will follow the guidelines set by the organizing committee of POPL 2022. POPL organizers have decided to hold POPL and its collocated as hybrid events making both in-person and virtual participation options available to all participants. (It is possible that these events would change to fully virtual events if many participants decide to convert their participation from in-person to virtual.) For more information see POPL's website: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://popl22.sigplan.org/__;!!IBzWLUs!EMf4C-bxdtX1G9xysxedscdXtAprwRHFRSIj8Ct7EFp7565rfKtidDaJ5e2LXC_VF13RCrCpMppSmA$  <https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://popl22.sigplan.org/__;!!IBzWLUs!EMf4C-bxdtX1G9xysxedscdXtAprwRHFRSIj8Ct7EFp7565rfKtidDaJ5e2LXC_VF13RCrCpMppSmA$ >.

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