[TYPES/announce] Researcher positions (postdoc / phd) in Quantum Crypto and Formal Verification

Dominique Unruh unruh at ut.ee
Sat Feb 5 14:42:35 EST 2022

*Researcher positions (postdoc/phd) **within the ERC Consolidator grant 
“Certified Quantum Security”*

[Below is the description of postdoc positions. Phd positions are 
similar and can be found here: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://tinyurl.com/phd-vqc__;!!IBzWLUs!G9wHTdXdWlTau8RitJ396YNzA2QJuyojaZWpZgzfMS_VVNrePzjw7J3rIY2yg34clFKiU1DgYZo4VQ$ ]

[This call can also be found here: https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://tinyurl.com/postdoc-vqc__;!!IBzWLUs!G9wHTdXdWlTau8RitJ396YNzA2QJuyojaZWpZgzfMS_VVNrePzjw7J3rIY2yg34clFKiU1Ak4zl_Ag$ ]

As part of the ERC Consolidator Grant "Certified Quantum Security" and 
the US Airforce project "Verification of Quantum Cryptography", we are 
looking for postdocs to work on verification of quantum cryptography (or 
more generally on quantum cryptography).

We will develop methods for the verification of proofs in quantum 
cryptography. Similar to what the EasyCrypt tool does in classical 
cryptography. The scope of the project covers everything from the 
logical foundations, through the development of tools, to the 
verification of real quantum protocols.

The *ideal candidate* would have experience in:




    Theorem proving


    Verification of classical cryptography


    Quantum cryptography


    Quantum computation / communication

Of course, expertise in all those areas is very rare, so candidates who 
are strong in some of those areas and are interested in the others are 
encouraged to apply!

Please contact *Dominique Unruh <unruh at ut.ee>* if you have more 
questions about the project, the required background, Estonia, the 
position itself, or the application process. I can also provide a 
detailed description of the overall research project.

The *salary range is 30000-36000 Euro* per year (depending on 
experience), which is highly competitive in Estonia due to low costs of 
living and low income tax rate (20%). Pension contributions and health 
insurance are covered by the employer.

Applications are accepted at any time (until all positions are filled), 
and positions can start as soon as possible. Positions are typically for 
2-3 years (up to negotiation).

*To apply*, please send the following documents to unruh at ut.ee:


    Curriculum vitae (please explain your scientific background)


    List of publications


    Research plan (i.e., how do you think you could contribute to the topic)


    At least two letters of reference (please ask for the letters to be
    sent directly to us)


    Phd degree

Please apply as soon as possible.

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