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Tobias Wrigstad tobias.wrigstad at it.uu.se
Tue Feb 15 13:12:21 EST 2022

The programming languages' group at the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University, Sweden is opening one PhD student position to on the topic of efficient and provably correct execution environments for managed languages.

Background: Managed languages (such as Java, Python, R and JavaScript) allow a high level of programming abstraction which allows rapid application development with fewer errors, in particular by presenting programmers with an abstract view of memory that can be managed automatically by the runtime system (aka execution environment). The efficiency of the algorithms at the core of runtime systems for managing memory, scheduling, etc. are imperative for the performance of managed languages. The strive for efficiency drives up complexity of the algorithms, stressing the need for a rigorous process for verifying their correctness.

Project: This project aims to develop efficient algorithms for key aspects of runtime systems related to memory management, task scheduling, compiler optimisations for specific runtimes with a strong focus on their formal verification. Thus, this project requires an understanding of and interest in both low-level aspects of program execution as well as mathematical underpinnings of verifying of algorithms operating at a low-level. There exist a wide range of interesting challenges to work on in the context of some specific runtime systems.

Candidates will be working with experts in programming languages, computer architecture, and with close ties to companies developing and maintaining programming language implementations.

Additional Details: Swedish PhD positions are for four years of research, but will typically include 20% teaching extending the time to five years. You will be expected to teach in English.

Swedish PhD students are full employees, with competitive salaries, pension provision and five weeks of paid leave per year. Spouses of employees are entitled to work permits. Healthcare is free after a small co-pay and the university subsidises athletic costs, such as a gym membership. The parental benefits in Sweden are among the best in the world, including extensive parental leave (for both parents), paid time off to care for sick children, and affordable daycare. Upon completion of the PhD degree, students are entitled to permanent residency to find employment within Sweden.

More information and instructions for how to apply here:

* Application deadline: March 1st, 2022
* Targeted starting time: as soon as possible, before September 1st, 2021

Questions can be asked to:

Professor Tobias Wrigstad, tobias.wrigstad at it.uu.se
Associate Professor Tjark Weber tjark.weber at it.uu.se

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