[TYPES/announce] Six positions in Mathematics-Computer Science-Physics at Utrecht University

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Mon Feb 21 04:59:50 EST 2022

We are currently advertising vacancies for

   6 positions at the interfaces of Mathematics, Computing Science and 
Physics (0.8 - 1.0 FTE)

## Job description

The Mathematical Institute, the Department of Information and
Computing Sciences, and the Department of Physics currently offer 6
positions at the level of lecturer/researcher, assistant or associate
professor. The main goal of these positions is to stimulate increased
collaboration and cross-fertilization to further strengthen the ties
between these fundamental disciplines.

In both research and education, there are strong overlaps between the
disciplines of mathematics, computer science, and physics: the use of
mathematics in physics, the increasing role of artificial intelligence
and machine learning techniques in both maths and physics, the
development of quantum algorithms and quantum computing, data science
and the computational complexity of many problems in all of the three
disciplines, just to name a few examples. At an educational level, new
generations of students strongly connect to such an interdisciplinary

We are looking for candidates who possess a proven commitment and
talent for research, as well as a demonstrable motivation to
teach. Working at the interface of two disciplines, you will closely
collaborate with people from several departments. It goes without
saying that you are a team player who easily connects with others and
who is encouraged to take ownership.

These are the different research areas in which the positions will be

   1) Mathematics and Computer Science
      Within this area, topics to be addressed include operations
      research and combinatorial optimization, topological data analysis,
      and AI and logic.

   2) Computer Science and Physics
      Within this area, topics to be addressed include green computing,
      quantum computing and quantum algorithms.

   3) Physics and Mathematics
      Within this area, topics to be addressed include geometry and
      theoretical physics, and mathematics of climate science.

So, if you are excited to actively participate and collaborate in this
interdisciplinary project, we encourage you to apply!

## Qualifications

We are looking for driven and enthusiastic new colleagues who fit well
with the following qualifications.

For candidates at the level of lecturer/researcher:

* a PhD in computer science, information science, mathematics or
* the ability to teach in departmental Bachelor's and Master's
* experience with and enthusiasm for teaching and student supervision;
* the ability to speak and write English fluently.

For candidates at assistant or associate professor level:

* a PhD in computer science, information science, mathematics or
* publications with impact, in international conferences and journals;
* a vision on future research directions for your interdisciplinary
   research area;
* experience with and enthusiasm for teaching and using innovative
   teaching methods and technologies;
* experience with, or readiness to supervise (PhD) students;
* experience in the acquisition of research funding and the
   supervision of research projects;
* a vision on teaching and your own contribution to teaching;
* the ability to speak and write English fluently.

## Offer

### Lecturer/researcher positions

* a full-time position for five years;
* a full-time gross salary that ranges between €2,846 and €4,490 per
   month (scale 10 Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities).

### Assistant/Associate professor

* dependent on your qualities, ambitions and current position, we can
   offer you a full-time position on a tenure track or a placement on a
   permanent position (which could be preceded by an 18 month temporary
* a full-time gross salary, depending on previous qualifications and
   work experience, that ranges between €3,821 and €7,079 per month
   (scale 11-14 Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities);
* a special perk includes the possibility to hire a PhD candidate in
   order to start up your research.

### For both types of positions:

* 8% holiday bonus and 8.3% end-of-year bonus;
* a pension scheme, partially paid parental leave, and flexible
     employment conditions based on the Collective Labour Agreement
     Dutch Universities;
* the possibility to travel to conferences.

Please note that the levels of the positions offered will vary,
depending on experience and expertise.

In addition to the employment conditions laid down in the cao for
Dutch Universities, Utrecht University has a number of its own
arrangements. For example, there are agreements on professional
development, leave arrangements, and sports. We also give you the
opportunity to expand your terms of employment via the Employment
Conditions Selection Model. This is how we like to
encourage you to continue to grow.

Utrecht is an attractive city located in the Netherlands, one of the
world’s most open and connected countries. Utrecht University reflects
this philosophy by offering a flexible work/life balance that
prioritizes your well-being within an understanding and supportive,
family-friendly environment.

## About the organisation

The Department of Information and Computing Sciences is nationally and
internationally renowned for its fundamental and applied research in
computer science and information science. In our ever changing
(digital) society, we are constantly looking for new, realistic ways
to push the boundaries of both science and social application. We
contribute to innovative information technologies through the
development and application of new concepts, theories, algorithms, and
software methods. Relevant areas of interdisciplinary research include
Game Research, Foundations of Complex Systems, Applied Data Science,
and Artificial Intelligence.

The Mathematical Institute covers a broad range of active areas of
research. We aim for a stimulating research environment with ample
opportunity for interaction between different fields. This interaction
is not restricted to areas within mathematics; contacts with physics,
biology, and technological applications play an equally important role
in several of our research activities.

The Department of Physics hosts a unique group of scientists and
supporting staff addressing problems in physics, from the smallest
scales of elementary particles, via the 'human' scales of climate
dynamics, to the largest scales of cosmology. The department has a
long history of excellence in physics research and education. Today,
we consist of about forty tenured staff who excel in research on
topics such as string theory, cosmology, hard and soft condensed
matter physics, high-energy physics, nanophotonics, and climate
physics. About fifty graduate and over a hundred undergraduate
students start each year in the broad Bachelor's programme and the
four specialised Master's programmes.

At the Faculty of Science, there are 6 departments to make a
fundamental connection with: Biology, Chemistry, Information and
Computing Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and
Physics. Each of these is made up of distinct institutes that work
together to focus on answering some of humanity’s most pressing
problems. More fundamental still are the individual research groups –
the building blocks of our ambitious scientific projects.

Utrecht University is a friendly and ambitious university at the heart
of an ancient city. We love to welcome new scientists to our city – a
thriving cultural hub that is consistently rated as one of the world’s
happiest cities. We are renowned for our innovative interdisciplinary
research and our emphasis on inspirational research and excellent
education. We are equally well-known for our familiar atmosphere and
the can-do attitude of our people. This fundamental connection
attracts researchers, professors and PhD candidates from all over the
globe, making both the university and the Faculty of Science a vibrant
international and wonderfully diverse community.  Additional

Do you have any questions that you would like an answer to first? No
problem. Please contact Professor Jason Frank (Mathematics) at
j.e.frank at uu.nl, Professor Johan Jeuring (Information
and Computing Sciences) at j.t.jeuring at uu.nl, or Professor Stefan
Vandoren (Physics) at s.j.g.vandoren at uu.nl.

Do you have a question about the application procedure? Then please
send an email to science.recruitment at uu.nl

## Applying

Everyone deserves to feel at home at our university. We welcome
employees with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives and we
attach great importance to diversity and gender balance. Applicants
are encouraged to mention any personal circumstances that need to be
taken into account, for example, parental leave or military
service. If you prefer a part-time appointment, you are also invited
to apply, stating the desired part-time ratio.

Please note: Due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus
(COVID-19) the process of selection and interviews is subject to
change. Initial interviews will most likely be conducted online.

The application deadline is 14 March 2022.

Please use the link below to submit your application:


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