[TYPES/announce] Reminder: PhD positions in Stockholm, deadline this Friday, 22 April

Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine p.l.lumsdaine at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 05:55:36 EDT 2022

Dear all,

A reminder for all interested in the PhD openings here that the deadline is
*this Friday*, 22 April (full information repeated below).

(Note: if you’ve contacted me about this before last week and I haven’t
replied yet, please write again — at least a couple of inquiries got caught
in my spam filter, so it’s possible there are more I missed, for which my
apologies!  If you wrote last week, expect a reply today.)


Dear all,

We are recruiting for PhD students in HoTT (and other topics) at the
Stockholm University Department of Mathematics, starting Autumn 2022.  The
deadline for applications is Friday, April 22.

Full details and application are through the university website:
  Please contact me if you have any questions about the position!  And (for
advisors) please pass this on to any interested masters-level students.

Answers to a few common questions:
- PhD positions in Sweden are fully funded, with a livable salary.
- The position includes up to 20% teaching.
- Swedish speaking isn’t required, either formally or practically (though
learning it during the PhD is encouraged) — all higher-level teaching is
done in English, and most administrative business (including all
necessities) can be.

Best wishes,
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