[TYPES/announce] Special Issue on Logic and Higher Structures in MSCS

Samuel Mimram samuel.mimram at lix.polytechnique.fr
Thu Apr 21 10:21:02 EDT 2022

Special Issue on Logic and Higher Structures in MSCS

Dear everybody,

There will be a special issue about logic and higher structures in the
Mathematical Structures an Computer Science journal. Your contributions are


Voevodsky's univalent foundations program has revealed deep connections between
logic and homotopy theory, in particular via higher category theory. The goal of
this special issue is to investigate these interactions, bringing together
mathematicians from the communities of type theory, higher rewriting, higher
category theory and homotopy theory. It follows the _Logic and Higher
Structures_ conference which was held at CIRM, France, from 21 to 25 February
2022, although contributions not presented during the conference are also


Submissions should be sent to lhs-mscs at lix.polytechnique.fr

Important dates are

- deadline for submissions: 1 July 2022
- notification of acceptance: 30 November 2022


The editors are

- Dimitri Ara (Aix-Marseille Université)
- Thierry Coquand (University of Gothenburg)
- Philippe Malbos (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
- Samuel Mimram (École Polytechnique)
- Sinan Yalin (Université d'Angers)

You are welcome to contact them individually although the use of the global mail
lhs-mscs at lix.polytechnique.fr is advised.

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