[TYPES/announce] PhD scholarship: Hybrid Verification of Distributed Applications

Alceste Scalas alcsc at dtu.dk
Mon Jul 4 03:52:15 EDT 2022

DTU - Technical University of Denmark
DTU Compute - Section for Software Systems Engineering

We are looking for a bright and motivated PhD student for a 3-year PhD
position. The research topic is the hybrid (static+runtime) verification 
of concurrent and distributed applications (details below).

   * Application deadline: 31 August 2022

   * Expected starting date: 1 October 2022 (negotiable)

   * For inquiries, please contact:
     Alceste Scalas <alcsc at dtu.dk> - https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://people.compute.dtu.dk/alcsc__;!!IBzWLUs!TBOgx2ZnTQdYPSkzoXlgSqflHNRwSNBxJDo2It00HoswmVqAaBLG3j752MgY8OV2o8SZvuO0LKrgZDIQE7CKwOKWaGBu$ 

   * Application link with complete details:

The project is funded by DFF.dk, and is in collaboration with Motorola 
Solutions Danmark A/S, the University of Malta, and Imperial College London.

It is an excellent opportunity to be involved in advanced research on 
concurrent and distributed systems, with important practical applications.


The project goal is to develop new methods and tools to verify the 
correctness of distributed applications, by combining static 
verification (e.g. type-checking) and runtime verification (monitoring). 
We will tackle scenarios where heterogeneous software components are 
expected to interact correctly but cannot be fully verified before 
deployment: this is a common scenario in microservices, IoT, and edge 
computing. The main research questions are: how can we model these 
heterogeneous systems? How can we combine static and runtime 
verification, and what guarantees can we achieve? Can we implement these 
research results as prototype tools to aid software development?


If you join this project, you will become a member of the DTU Compute
research section on Software Systems Engineering. You will also
join the DTU Compute PhD school and take part in its courses and
activities. As part of your PhD training and research activities, you 
will have research stays at the academic collaborators’ universities. Links:

   * https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.compute.dtu.dk/english/phd__;!!IBzWLUs!TBOgx2ZnTQdYPSkzoXlgSqflHNRwSNBxJDo2It00HoswmVqAaBLG3j752MgY8OV2o8SZvuO0LKrgZDIQE7CKwAiyeTiD$ 

Your main tasks within this project will be:

   * become familiar with state-of-the-art research in formal methods for
     concurrent and distributed systems, including verification via type-
     checking (behavioural types) and monitoring;

   * study relevant industrial use cases and scenarios;

   * explore new methods to ensure the correctness of distributed
     systems.  You will help in developing the necessary theory, and
     implementing new software tools based on such theory.

Your duties will also include some Teaching Assistance work at DTU, and
(if you wish) the co-supervision of BSc and MSc student projects related
to your research.

To be considered for the position, you need some familiarity with formal 
methods for programming languages (e.g. type systems) and/or for 
distributed systems (e.g. process calculi, model checking).  You will 
need to document these skills by listing the relevant university courses 
you took, or the relevant experience you have.

It will be an advantage if you can also document good programming skills 
(preferably including functional programming).

To begin the PhD position, you must have a two-year master's degree (120 
ECTS points) or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a 
two-year master's degree. You can apply prior to obtaining the degree, 
providing the expected graduation date.


The assessment of the applicants will take place in early September 2022.

For the application details, see:

For further information and inquiries, please contact:
Alceste Scalas <alcsc at dtu.dk>

You can read more about DTU Compute at:

You can read more about the DTU Compute Research Section on Software
Systems Engineering at:

If you are applying from abroad, you may find useful information on 
working in Denmark at:

Alceste Scalas <alcsc at dtu.dk> - https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://people.compute.dtu.dk/alcsc__;!!IBzWLUs!TBOgx2ZnTQdYPSkzoXlgSqflHNRwSNBxJDo2It00HoswmVqAaBLG3j752MgY8OV2o8SZvuO0LKrgZDIQE7CKwOKWaGBu$ 
Associate Professor @ DTU Compute - Section for Software Systems Engineering
Technical University of Denmark
Building 321, Room 010
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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