[TYPES/announce] LAFI 2023 - Final Call for Extended Abstracts (deadline Oct. 27) - POPL 2023 workshop on Languages for Inference

Christine Tasson christine.tasson at lip6.fr
Mon Oct 17 04:37:27 EDT 2022


                    Call for Extended Abstracts

                             LAFI 2023
            POPL 2023 workshop on Languages for Inference

                           January 15, 2023

              Submission deadline on October 27, 2022 -- EXTENDED!


** Invited Speaker

Hongseok Yang, professor at the School of Computing, KAIST, Korea

** Submission Summary

Deadline: October 27, 2022 (AoE) -- EXTENDED
Link: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://lafi23.hotcrp.com/__;!!IBzWLUs!S5D0Jx1VLUXnVJ4CFCvt2g-tmyYT5f67T8C7s1cUAKE9pf_j33e7p6bANkHIDRjoPXfZlQrRWTOObXrAOkizCwq1uYN4I3FZeKNBp349rVE$  
Format: extended abstract (2 pages + references)

** Call for Extended Abstracts

Inference concerns re-calibrating program parameters based on observed
data, and has gained wide traction in machine learning and data science.
Inference can be driven by probabilistic analysis and simulation, and 
back-propagation and differentiation. Languages for inference offer 
support for expressing probabilistic models and inference methods as 
to ease reasoning, use, and reuse. The recent rise of practical 
as well as research activity in inference-based programming has renewed the
need for semantics to help us share insights and innovations.

This workshop aims to bring programming-language and machine-learning
researchers together to advance all aspects of languages for inference.

Topics include but are not limited to:
- design of programming languages for inference and/or differentiable 
- inference algorithms for probabilistic programming languages, 
including ones that incorporate automatic differentiation;
- automatic differentiation algorithms for differentiable programming 
- probabilistic generative modeling and inference;
- variational and differential modeling and inference;
- semantics (axiomatic, operational, denotational, games, etc) and types 
for inference and/or differentiable programming;
- efficient and correct implementation;
- and last but not least, applications of inference and/or 
differentiable programming.

We expect this workshop to be informal, and our goal is to foster
collaboration and establish common ground. Thus, the proceedings will
not be a formal or archival publication, and we expect to spend only a
portion of the workshop day on traditional research talks. Nevertheless,
as a concrete basis for fruitful discussions, we call for extended 
describing specific and ideally ongoing work on probabilistic and 
programming languages, semantics, and systems.

** Submission guidelines

- Submission deadline on October 27, 2022 (AoE) -- EXTENDED
- Submission link: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://lafi23.hotcrp.com/__;!!IBzWLUs!S5D0Jx1VLUXnVJ4CFCvt2g-tmyYT5f67T8C7s1cUAKE9pf_j33e7p6bANkHIDRjoPXfZlQrRWTOObXrAOkizCwq1uYN4I3FZeKNBp349rVE$  
Anonymous extended abstracts are up to 2 pages in PDF format, excluding 

In line with the SIGPLAN Republication Policy, inclusion of extended 
in the program is not intended to preclude later formal publication.

** Remote participation policy

Notice that we plan to coordinate with the POPL conference on remote 
We would like to have remote participation even if the workshop happens 
in person.
Our plan is to create an inclusive environment that does not demand 
traveling if not possible for any reason.

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