[TYPES/announce] Fully-funded Ph.D. position(s) in analysis and transformations of Deep Learning programs in New York City (deadline Dec 15)

Raffi T Khatchadourian raffi.khatchadourian at hunter.cuny.edu
Thu Oct 20 13:18:40 EDT 2022

Fully-funded Ph.D. student position(s) in analysis and transformations
of Deep Learning programs in New York City (Deadline Dec 15)

I am currently seeking (potentially multiple, fully-funded) Ph.D.
students interested in programming languages and software engineering
research for an NSF-funded project on analysis and transformations for
(imperative) Deep Learning (DL) programs. The project—based in the
heart of New York City—focuses on enhancing the robustness, increasing
run-time performance, and facilitating the long-lived evolution of DL
systems, particularly, large, industrial DL systems.

Potential research topics explored during the course of the project may
include (static/dynamic) program analysis and transformation (e.g.,
automated refactoring) and empirical software engineering. Successful
candidates will be expected to work on projects that generally yield
open-source developer tool research prototypes, plug-ins to popular
IDEs, build systems, or static analyzers. Applicants may find
additional information on the PI's web page. They should also apply to
the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center (GC) Ph.D.
program in Computer Science (deadline December 15) following a
discussion with the PI.

Interested students may refer to the post on the PI's website
(https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://bit.ly/3yTuI5a__;!!IBzWLUs!Xbtvho2zkfZgEDGrYJB3XMSxyRUmVD7UqNucN3mpQ_05FxkFXlEfXy7nJJ8nrIoJCzNxjRd8u4ujLlujATXb8QA2oMPk-DeJtUnH5LwEn9uLYSXKBg$  ). Interested students are encouraged to
complete the form at the bottom of the post.

Raffi Khatchadourian <raffi.khatchadourian at hunter.cuny.edu>
Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Hunter College
Doctoral Faculty of the Graduate School and University Center's Ph.D.
Program in Computer Science
City University of New York (CUNY)

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