[TYPES/announce] ETH Zürich looking to hire assistant professor for "Software Security and Formal Methods" (deadline Jan 8)

Ralf Jung research at ralfj.de
Fri Nov 18 08:46:04 EST 2022

Hi all,

ETH Zürich is looking to hire a tenure track assistant professor in "Computer 
Security", which includes "Software Security and Formal Methods".
 From my own experience of being here for a grand total of not even 3 weeks, I 
can say that ETH is an a amazing place to work at, and Zürich is a great city. :D

For more information, see 
<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://ethz.ch/en/the-eth-zurich/working-teaching-and-research/faculty/faculty-affairs/ausgeschriebene-professuren/ingenieurwissenschaften/assistenzprofessuren--tenure-track--fuer-computer-science---comp.html__;!!IBzWLUs!TUYR_3M9Mn4lOb37E0AwSVXuic4Hh884_Vv_oCsrHob3GIeGHOabYhFiRfE8UWbPx3mXCj09Gx5Ko4IKGEHIGxwvPzyc0ywbTQ$ >.
Also feel free to contact me with any questions.

Kind regards,

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