[Types-list] Special Issue on Types in Concurrency for ACTA INFORMATICA

Davide Sangiorgi Davide.Sangiorgi at cs.unibo.it
Thu Sep 18 11:41:31 EDT 2003


                      Special Issue on 
                     Types in Concurrency
                  for  ACTA INFORMATICA        

              Proposed by IFIP Working Group 2.2 on
           Formal Description of Programming Concepts 

                          Guest Editors: 
                  R. De Nicola, Univ. Firenze
                 D. Sangiorgi, Univ. Bologna

Traditionally types have played a very limited role in concurrency;
they were essentially used for specifying the nature of the exchanged
values. The picture has changed after the introduction of formalisms
for dealing with systems of mobile processes. In addition to the
classical use of types in sequential languages, e.g. for static
detection of run time error, enhancing program readability, memory
management, abstracting from implementation details, ... 
types have emerged as an important tool for:

- Specifying Interfaces and possible interactions
- Controlling Process Mobility
- Controlling Resource Usage
- Controlling Access Rights
- Developing new proof techniques
- Improving efficiency of verification algorithms
- Guaranteeing integrity and confidentiality of data
- etc.

We are seeking papers on the above subject to collect them in a
special issue of ACTA INFORMATICA. Both research and tutorial/surveys
papers are welcome.  Authors are invited to send a pdf or a
ps file with their paper to denicola at dsi.unifi.it AND
davide.sangiorgi at cs.unibo.it by

                      15 January 2004.

Authors are also requested to email us a title and a short abstract
in plain text as early as possible (ideally before end October).

Acta Informatica will guarantee a short publication delay (less than 
four months) and the immediate electronic availability of the accepted 

Apart for publication on Acta Informatica, some of the submitted
papers will be also considered for presentation at the meeting of the
IFIP Working group 2.2 that will take place in Bertinoro (Italy) 12-17
September 2004. One day of this meeting will be specifically dedicated
to Types in Concurrency.  The authors of the submitted papers will be
considered for invitation as observers of the working group

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