Subject: CFP: Computer Aided Verification (CAV) 2004, Boston, MA

Doron Peled TMP ACCT doronp at
Sat Oct 25 23:58:25 EDT 2003

                              CALL FOR PAPERS
                       16th International Conference
           July 13 -- 17 , 2004, Omni Parker House Hotel, Boston, USA

Aims and Scope:

CAV'04 conference is the 16th in a series  dedicated to the
advancement of the theory and practice of computer-assisted formal
analysis methods  for software  and hardware systems.  
The  conference covers the  spectrum from theoretical
results to  concrete applications,  with an emphasis  on practical
verification  tools and  the  algorithms and  techniques that  are
needed   for  their  implementation.    The  proceedings   of  the
conference will be published  in the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes
in Computer Science series. Sample topics  of  interest  include:

 o  Algorithms   and   tools   for verifying models and implementations
 o  Deductive, compositional, and abstraction techniques for verification
 o  Modeling   and  specification   formalisms   
 o  Program analysis and software verification
 o  Testing and runtime analysis based on verification technology
 o  Applications   and  case   studies  
 o  Verification  in  industrial practice 

Special Events:

CAV'04 is colocated with the International ACM Symposium on Software
Testing and Analysis, ISSTA'04.

Invited speakers for CAV'04 are David Harel (Weizmann Institute, plenary
speaker for the joint CAV-ISSTA session), Mary Jean Harrold (Georgia Institute
of Technology), and Tom Reps (University of Wisconsin).

CAV will be preceded by an invited tutorial on processor verification by
Randy Bryant (Carnegie Mellon University), David Dill (Stanford University),
and Warren Hunt (University of Texas, Austin). The conference will be 
followed by special workshops.

Paper submission:
There are two categories of submissions: 

 A. Regular papers. Submissions, not exceeding thirteen (13) pages
    using Springer's LNCS format, should contain original research, and
    sufficient detail to assess the merits and relevance of the contribution.
    For papers reporting experimental results, authors are strongly
    encouraged to make their data available with their submission. 
    Simultaneous submission to other conferences with proceedings or
    submission of material that has already been published elsewhere is
    not allowed.

 B. Tool presentations. Submissions, not exceeding four (4) pages
    using Springer's LNCS format, should describe the implemented tool 
    and its novel features. A demonstration is expected to accompany a
    tool presentation. Papers describing tools that have already been
    presented in this conference before will be accepted only if significant
    and clear enhancements to the tool are reported and implemented.

Information concerning the procedure for submissions is available on the
conference home page 

Important dates:

 Paper submission (strict): January 23, 2004
 Notification of acceptance/rejection: March 29, 2004
 Final version due: April 30, 2004

Program Chairs:
 Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania
 alur at
 Doron A. Peled, The University of Warwick
 doron at

Program Committee:
 Rajeev Alur, U Pennsylvania
 David Basin, ETH Zurich
 Armin Biere, ETH Zurich
 Randy Bryant, CMU
 Dennis Dams, Bell Labs
 Luca de Alfaro, UC Santa Cruz
 David Dill, Stanford U
 Allen Emerson, UT Austin
 Kousha Etessami, U of Edinburgh
 Steven German, IBM
 Rob Gerth, Intel
 Mike Gordon, U of Cambridge
 Aarti Gupta, NEC Labs
 Klaus Havelund, NASA Ames
 Holger Hermanns, Saarland U
 Pei-Hsin Ho, Synopsis
 Alan Hu, U of British Columbia
 Bengt Jonsson, Uppsala U
 Andreas Kuehlman, Cadence Labs
 Salvatore La Torre, U of Salerno
 Oded Maler, Verimag
 Pete Manolias, Georgia Tech
 Ken McMillan, Cadence Labs
 Anca Muscholl, U of Paris 7
 Chris Myers, U of Utah
 Doron Peled, U of Warwick
 Fabio Somenzi, U of Colorado
 Amir Pnueli, NYU 
 Shaz Qadeer, Microsoft Research
 Jun Sawada, IBM
 Frits Vaandrager, U of Nijmegen
 Pierre Wolper, U of Liege
 Sergio Yovine, Verimag\\[1mm]

Steering Committee:
 Edmund M. Clarke, CMU
 Mike Gordon, U of Cambridge
 Robert P. Kurshan, Cadence
 Amir Pnueli, NYU

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