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Prolog: One of the main areas in which papers are solicited is
language-based security. This area involves techniques from type theory
and semantics.

                         CALL FOR PAPERS
                Software Security Research Track

                         IEEE HASE 2004
                        25-26 March 2004
                         Tampa, Florida

               * Submission Deadline November 5, 2003 *

The proliferation of the Internet has induced organizations to
increasingly rely upon computers and networks to carry out mission
critical tasks. This has made an organization's Information Technology
(IT) infrastructure vulnerable to malicious attacks both from within and
without. It is critical that the systems, in particular software, used to
carry out such tasks are secure and resistant to such attacks. Further, IT
is constantly being challenged to do more with fewer resources. The
problem of building secure systems is further exacerbated by the current
use of unsafe programming languages such as C or C++. The technical
problem of building secure systems is rapidly becoming the crucial factor
that determines an an organization's success. Therefore methods, tools,
and processes used in the design and analysis of software systems --
together with techniques for assuring the quality of the code -- are
critical for establishing the desired level of security, information
integrity, and confidentiality of communicated information, between
humans, federations, coalitions, and computers that have all come to rely
on a public, and therefore untrusted medium, for communication.

The software security track at HASE 2004 is intended to promote a lively
discussion on new or novel processes and methods that deal with the
enormous challenge of engineering software and systems that will continue
to function correctly even when under malicious attacks. Topics of
interest include, but are not restricted to: Language-based Security,
Operating Systems Security, Secure Middleware, Malicious Code Detection,
Intrusion Tolerance, Trust Management, Program Analysis.

Research Papers. Original, previously unpublished papers describing
research results and prototype developments (max. 10 pages standard
double-column IEEE format).

Fast Abstracts. Fast Abstracts are short presentations of work in progress
or opinion pieces that can cover any facet of software security (max.
2 pages, standard double-column IEEE format).

Industrial Experience Papers. Primarily for practitioners to relay
experiences in creating secure software  systems (max. 2 pages
double-column IEEE format).

Panel Proposals. Organizers should submit proposals, including the title,
scope, and the organizers' contact information. Maximum 2 pages, any

Manuscript submission:

Important Dates:

Research Paper Submissions: November 5, 2003

Fast Abstracts and Industrial Experience Papers: November 10, 2003

Notification of Acceptance: December 8, 2003

Camera-ready copy due: January 6, 2004

Proceedings: The proceedings of the track will be published in the regular
HASE 2004 proceedings which will be published by IEEE.


Ramesh Bharadwaj
Iliano Cervesato
Supratik Mukhopadhyay

The website for the track is

About HASE 2004:

The HASE Symposium is a forum for discussion of systems engineering issues
specifically relating to high consequence and high assurance systems.
Examples of high assurance applications include large complex systems,
medical surgery equipment, unmanned air vehicles, military command and
control, nuclear reactors, and secure telecommunication devices, as well
as dedicated embedded systems such as vehicle braking, pacemakers,
traffic-light control, MEMS, micro-robots, and satellites.

In the past, experts from industry and government R & D labs represented
close to half of the attendees, while academicians represented the other
half. Our goal is to maintain and improve this interaction between
government, industry, and academia through a high-quality program of
research papers, panel discussions, demonstrations, focused workgroups,
and presentations of case studies and experiences in system engineering
for high assurance embedded systems.

The website for HASE 2004 is:

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Formal Methods
Transformation-based system development
Validation of specifications, model checking, testing, system level
V & V
Quantitative and qualitative methods of evaluation
Safety analysis, reliability evaluation and enhancement techniques
Fault-tolerant software design
Experimental and model based evaluation
Real-time validation of existing systems
Evolutionary design of complex systems
Hardware/software design tradeoffs
Software engineering for embedded systems
Interoperability of secure systems

Submisssions: Please consult the HASE 2004 website listed above.

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