ICLP03: Call for participation

Jan-Georg Smaus smaus at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Fri Oct 31 10:58:08 EST 2003

  (in conjunction with FSTTCS'03 and ASIAN'03)
  Call for participation
  Mumbai (Bombay), INDIA, 9 - 13 Dec, 2003

***** NOTE: The satellite events include the workshop
Principles and Practice of Semantic Web Reasoning (PPSWR), not
advertised in the previous call ****

* Programme. The programme includes
  - 23 presentations of regular papers
  - 4 invited talks
    Rolf Backofen: A Constraint-Based Approach to Structure Prediction
      for Simplified Protein Models that outperforms other existing
    Maurizio Gabbrielli: Compositional Verification of Infinite State
    Olivier Ridoux: Logic Information Systems for Logic Programmers
    William Winsborough:  A Logic Programming View of Authorization in
      Distributed Systems.
  - 1 keynote talk by Greg Morriset (in common with ASIAN'03):
     Achieving Type Safety for Low-Level Code
  - 4 tutorials
    Paola Bruscoli: Proof-Theoretic Foundations of Logic Programming
    Francois Fages: Symbolic Model-Checking for Biochemical Systems,
    Kung-Kiu Lau: Component-based Software Development and Logic
    Frank D. Valencia: Concurrency, Time and Constraints
  - A poster exhibition plus 18 short presentations of posters
  - The famous Prolog Programming Contest organised by Bart Demoen

* Satellite events. Note that the satellite events take place before
  and after the main conference.
  - Principles and Practice of Semantic Web Reasoning (PPSWR):
    8 Dec 2003 - Whole Day
  - COnstraint & LOgic Programming in Security (COLOPS): 8 Dec 2003 -
  - Workshop on Logic Programming Environments (WLPE): 8 Dec 2003 -
  - Implementation of Constraint and LOgic Programming Systems
    (CICLOPS): 14 Dec 2003 - Whole Day
  - Software Verification and Validation (SVV): 14 Dec 2003 - Whole Day

* Venue.
  The conference will be held at the Tata Institute of Fundamental
  Research (TIFR) campus located at the southern tip of Mumbai facing
  the Arabian Ocean. Mumbai formerly known as Bombay is the financial
  and commercial capital of India. TIFR (established in 1945) is a
  premier research Institute (recently it has been conferred the
  status of Deemed University) in India carrying out research in
  various areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science,
  Technology, and Science Education. The picturesque campus has well
  equipped conference and lecture halls and a large modern Homi Bhabha
  Auditorium that will be used for plenary sessions for the

* Travel information.
  A visa is required for travel to India. Participants are advised to
  enquire about a visa and make travel arrangements as soon as
  possible. Further information is available on the webpage.

* Financial support.
  Cheap accomodation (in particular for students) is available to a
  limited extent. Please contact John Barretto (email: "last
  name"@tifr.res.in) for details.

* Organisers.
  R.K. Shyamasundar (conference chair)
  Catuscia Palamidessi (programme chair)
  M.R.K. Krishna Rao (poster chair)
  N. Raja and Vitor Santos Costa (workshop chairs)
  Jan-Georg Smaus (publicity chair)
  Bart Demoen (programming contest chair)

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