ASIAN'03 -- Call for Participation

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Wed Nov 5 20:36:25 EST 2003

		  Call for Participation ---ASIAN'03
	      Eighth Asian Computing Science Conference

		 Mumbai, India, December 10-12, 2003
		Collocated with ICLP'03 and FSTTCS'03

The Eighth Asian Computing Science Conference, ASIAN'03, will be held
at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India, collocatied
with ICLP'03 (Dec.9-13, workshops Dec.8+14) and FSTTCS'03 (Dec.15-17,
workshops Dec.14).

The series of Asian Computing Science Conferences was started in 1995
to provide a forum for researchers in computer science from the Asian
region and to promote interaction with researchers from other regions.
The proceedings have been published as Springer LNCS volumes.

The theme of this year's conference is Programming Languages and
Distributed Computation.  The conference features three invited talks 

 - Greg Morrisett (Cornell Univ., USA),
 - Mark Miller (Hewlett Packard Lab. and Johns Hopkins Univ., USA), and
 - Andrew Birrell (Microsoft Research, USA),

as well as sixteen refereed papers selected from 53 submissions.

Travel Information and Registration Details can be found at the
collocated ICLP website, namely
   (also linked from the ASIAN'03 site

The early registration deadline is November 15.  Please book your
flight as soon as possible.

Program Committee
Gul Agha (UIUC, USA)
Guruduth Banavar (IBM Research, USA)
Gilad Bracha (Sun Microsystems, USA)
Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Research, UK)
Georges Gonthier (INRIA, France)
Seif Haridi (SICS, Sweden / NUS, Singapore)
Nevin Heintze (Agere Research, USA)
Radha Jagadeesan (DePaul U., USA)
Naoki Kobayashi (Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan)
Doug Lea (SUNY Oswego, USA)
Sanjiva Prasad (IIT Delhi, India)
Padma Raghavan (Penn State U., USA)
Vijay Saraswat, CHAIR (Penn State U., USA), CHAIR
R. K. Shyamasundar (TIFR, India)
Anand Sivasubramaniam (Penn State U., USA)
Kazunori Ueda (Waseda U., Japan)
Sanjiva Weerawarana (IBM Research, USA / U. Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
Feng Zhao (PARC, USA)

General Co-Chairs
R.K. Shyamasundar and Kazunori Ueda

Conference Programme
Wednesday, Dec. 10

09:00-10:00  INVITED TALK by Greg Morrisett
   Achieving Type Safety for Low-Level Code
         G. Morrisett (Cornell University, USA)

   Kernel Mode Linux: Towards an operating system protected by a type theory
        T. Maeda, A. Yonezawa
   Self Configurable Mirror Servers for Automatic Adaptation to
   Service Demand Fluctuation
        M. Agetsuma, K. Kono, H. Iwasaki, T. Masuda
   Information Flow Security for XML Transformations 
        V. Benzaken, M. Burelle, G. Castagna
   Unreliable Failure Detectors via Operational Semantics
        U. Nestmann, R. Fuzzati, EPFL Lausanne

14:00-22:00  Social event ( excursion / banquet )

Thursday, Dec. 11

09:00-10:00  INVITED TALK by Andrew Birrell
   Bankable Postage for Network Servics
        M. Abadi, A. Birrell, M. Burrows, F. Dabek, T. Wobber

   Global Predicate Detection under Fine-grained Modalities
        P. Chandra, A. Kshemkalyani
   Combining Hierarchical Specification with Hierarchical Implementation
        N. Zhan, Mannheim University, GERMANY 
   Automatic Generation of Simple Lemmas from Recursive Definitions
   using Decision Procedures
        D. Kapur, M. Subramaniam
   Deaccumulation -- Improving Provability
        J. Giesl, A. Kuhnemann, J. Voigtlander

   Incentive Compatible Mechanism Based on Linear Pricing Schemes for
   Single-Minded Auction
        N. Chen, H. Zhu
   Hierarchical structure of 1-safe Petri nets
        K. Lodaya, D. Ranganayakulu,K. Rangarajan 
   A Calculus for Secure Mobility
        B. Blanchet, B. Aziz 
   A Calculus of Bounded Capacities
        F. Barbanera, M. Bugliesi, M. Dezani-Ciancaglini, V. Sassone

Friday, Dec. 12

09:00-10:00  INVITED TALK by Mark Miller
   Paradigm Regained: Abstraction Mechanisms for Access Control
        M. Miller, J. Shapiro

   The Design and Evaluation of a Middleware Library for Distribution
   of Language Entities
        E. Klintskog, Z. El Banna, P. Brand, S. Haridi 
   Generating optimal Linear Temporal Logic monitors by coinduction
        K. Sen, G. Rosu, G. Agha
   Probabilistic Timed Simulation Verification and its application to
   Stepwise Refinement of Real-Time Systems
        S. Yamane
   Model Checking Probabilistic Distributed Systems
        B. Bollig, M. Leucker

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