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Peter Selinger selinger at
Wed Nov 19 23:13:59 EST 2003

Dear colleagues,

we're seeking applications for graduate students at the University of
Ottawa (see ad below). If you know any bright students who might be
interested, please encourage them to apply! Note that types are among
the areas of interest. Thanks, -- Peter


		      Graduate Student positions
      in Logic, Category Theory, and Foundations of Computation,
		     University of Ottawa, Canada

The Logic Group in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the
University of Ottawa is seeking applications from prospective graduate
students for the M.Sc. and Ph.D. program, beginning in September 2004.

Graduate students will be part of the activities of the Logic and
Foundations of Computation Group. This group includes faculty and
students from several different Ottawa-area universities. In the Math
Department, the Logic Group currently includes 4 faculty members
(R. Blute, A. Felty, P. Scott, P. Selinger), 3 postdocs (V. Capretta,
P. Hofstra, M. Weber), and 9 graduate students. For more information
about our team, see

Members of our logic group work in the following areas: category
theory, type theory, linear logic, quantum programming languages,
semantics of computation, lambda calculus, proof theory, proof
carrying code, theorem proving, monoidal categories in physics and
computing, probabilistic concurrent systems, realizability toposes and
constructive mathematics, higher-dimensional categories.

Ph.D. students receive funding which covers academic fees and living
expenses. The funding available for M.Sc. students varies.  For
further information about our graduate program and how to apply,
please see The deadline for
applications for international students is January 15.

	     Philip Scott   (phil at
	     Richard Blute  (rblute at
	     Amy Felty      (afelty at
	     Peter Selinger (selinger at

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