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                               Call for papers:  SASYFT2004

      International Workshop on Security Analysis of Systems: Formalisms and Tools
               ("Sécurité des systèmes: formalismes et outils d'analyse")

                            21-22 June 2004, Orléans, France.

Hosted by LIFO (Laboratoire d'informatique fondamentale d'Orléans). 

Supported by: 
   Université d'Orléans, 
   Conseil Régional du Centre, 
   GDR-ALP (CNRS, Paris), 
   Le STUDIUM, Orléans,  
   Ministère des Affaires Etrangères 
    (projects: France-Québec Securypto, France-Japan Sakura)

Programme committee: 
   Siva Anantharaman (LIFO, Orléans)
   Paul Gastin (LIAFA, Paris)
   Gaétan Hains (LIFO, Orléans)
   Huimin Lin (Academy of Science, Beijing)
   John Mullins (Ecole Polytechnique, Montréal)
   Michael Rusinowitch (LORIA, Nancy)

Invited Lectures:
   Catherine Meadows (Naval Research Lab, Washington-DC, USA)
   Jean Goubault-Larrecq (ENS, Cachan, France)

The security of computer systems is a highly complex research topic,    
becoming economically more and more important. The widespread use of 
internet and electronic commerce requires that properties such as  
strong confidentiality, authentification and availability, are satisfied 
by the underlying distributed information systems and protocols. 
Theories, algorithms, and software tools are being developed by several 
researchers in Computer Science to verify such security criteria from 
formal descriptions of protocols and communicating programs. The aim of 
SASYFT2004 is to offer them an occasion to get together and discuss the 
latest developments in the research areas concerned. These include,  
in particular:   

- modeling information flow analysis on (infinite-state) systems
- modeling and analyzing cryptographic protocols
- verification of security properties 
- case studies in security analysis 
- security in the context of real-time and mobility 
- formal models for electronic commerce protocols  
- software tools for security analysis

We welcome original unpublished papers (in English) on any of the above 
topics or any related research direction. Enhanced versions of work 
presented at earlier conferences/workshops will also be considered, 
provided they are as yet unpublished. Papers should be no longer than 18 
pages including bibliography and appendices, and should be submitted in
Postscript or PDF format. 

A special issue of the international journal JALC ("Journal of Languages, Automata
and Combinatorics", )  is intended comprising those of the
papers accepted at SASYFT2004 and judged most relevant to its scope by the
programme committee. 

All practical informations related to SASYFT2004 will be available 
progessively at:

Important dates: 
  Submission deadline: 5 March 2004.
  Notification of acceptance: 15 April 2004. 
  Deadline for the workshop version of paper: 7 Mai 2004. 
  Workshop: Monday 21 - Tuesday 22, June 2004

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