CW'04 Call for Participation

Hayo Thielecke H.Thielecke at
Thu Nov 27 16:18:47 EST 2003

       The Fourth ACM-SIGPLAN Continuations Workshop (CW'04) 
                  Venice, Italy, 17 January 2004            
           co-located with POPL'04 (14--16 January 2004) 
Invited talks 
    * Olivier Danvy (Aarhus, Denmark) 
      On Evaluation Contexts, Continuations, and the Rest of the 
    * Chris Barker (Department of Linguistics, University of California) 
      Continuations and Natural Language 
Accepted papers 
    * Magorzata Biernacka, Dariusz Biernacki, and Olivier Danvy 
      An Operational Foundation for Delimited Continuations 

    * Kohei Honda, Nobuko Yoshida and Martin Berger 
      A Definability Result for the lambda-mu-Calculus in the pi-Calculus 

    * Martin Hyland, Paul Blain Levy, Gordon Plotkin and John Power 
      Combining continuations with other effects 

    * Yukiyoshi Kameyama 
      Axiomatizing Higher Level Delimited Continuations 

    * Chung-chieh Shan 
      Delimited continuations in natural language: Quantification and 
      polarity sensitivity  
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