PEPM 2004: 1st Call for Papers

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               Call For Papers (Preliminary)

               ACM SIGPLAN 2004 Symposium on
     Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM'04)
              Verona, Italy, August 24-25, 2004
        (Co-located with LOPSTR'04, SAS'04 and PPDP'04)

The scope of the 2004 PEPM symposium will be based on a very broad
interpretation of semantics-based program manipulation.  This includes
not only traditional partial evaluation and specialization areas, but
any research topic that fundamentally relies upon program manipulation
driven by program meaning.  Examples include 
security mechanisms based on systematic program transformation
(e.g. introduction of stack-protection checks, execution monitoring,
obfuscation), automatic differentiation methods and techniques for
program generation.

Topics of interest for PEPM'04 include, but are not limited to:

* Applications: domain-specific applications, systems programming,
  scientific computing, algorithmics, graphics, security checking,
  simulation, compiler generation, compiler optimization,
  decompilation, obfuscation, prototyping, profiling, debugging, and
  industrial applications.

* Techniques: program generation and generative programming, 
  specialization, normalization, reflection, run-time code
  generation, multi-level programming, meta-programming,
  program analysis and types.
* Assessment: applicability of program manipulation techniques to
  particular architectures and language paradigms, scalability,
  benchmarking, portability.

We especially encourage papers that break new ground, including new
techniques, new ways of thinking about established approaches, and new
areas of application such as mobile code, and security (e.g. intrusion
prevention/detection, design and implementation of secure systems).

Submission guidelines:

Papers should be submitted electronically via
the symposium's Web page.  Exceptionally, submissions may be emailed
to the program chairs: nch at and sestoft at
Acceptable formats are PostScript or PDF, viewable by gv.  Submissions
should not exceed 5000 words, excluding bibliography and figures.
Excessively long submissions may be rejected outright.

Evaluation of Submissions:

Submitted papers will be judged on the
basis of significance, relevance, correctness, originality, and
clarity.  They should include a clear identification of what has been
accomplished and why it is significant.  They must describe work that
has not previously been published in a major forum.  Authors must
indicate if a closely related paper is also being considered for
another conference or journal. The conference proceedings will be
published by ACM Press.


Verona in northern Italy was a major city in Roman times.
Its famous and well-preserved Roman Arena (amphitheatre) is around
1900 years old, yet you can still attend theatre and opera
performances there.  Verona has an international airport but can also
be reached from Venice in 1 hour and a half and from Milan in 2

Symposium Web page:

PEPM'04 Dates
Submission   11:59pm GMT, Wednesday May 5, 2004
Notification Wednesday May 26, 2004
Early reg.   Wednesday June 16, 2004
Camera-ready Wednesday June 16, 2004
Symposium    Tuesday-Wednesday August 24-25, 2004

Co-located events, August 2004
  Tue 24  PPDP + PEPM
  Wed 25  PPDP + PEPM
  Thu 26  PPDP + SAS + LOPSTR
  Fri 27  SAS + LOPSTR
  Sat 28  SAS + LOPSTR

Symposium Chairs:

Nevin Heintze
Agere Systems
E-mail: nch at

Peter Sestoft
Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark
and IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
E-mail: sestoft at

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