[TYPES] Acknowledgements

Rene Vestergaard vester at jaist.ac.jp
Fri Dec 24 01:08:40 EST 2004

On Dec.14, the front-page of http://www.nature.com/ ran the following 
story: http://www.nature.com/news/2004/041213/full/041213-3.html, in 
which our very own Olivier Danvy gets named as the most acknowledged 
person in the 335,000 CS articles in the CiteSeer archive.

The top-15 list, as printed in the PNAS article by Giles and Councill 
that the Nature story is based, is as follows.

268 Olivier Danvy
259 Oded Goldreich
247 Luca Cardelli
226 Tom Mitchell
222 Martin Abadi
181 Phil Wadler
180 Moshe Vardi
167 Peter Lee
160 Avi Wigderson
154 Matthias Felleisen
152 Benjamin Pierce
152 Noga Alon
152 John Ousterhout
148 Frank Pfenning
144 Andrew Appel

Thank you very much, indeed,

PS! This story was first submitted to the types list on Dec.14 but is 
not being broadcast until now because of a slight hiccup.

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