[TYPES] Electronic publications

Gopalan Nadathur gopalan at cs.umn.edu
Mon Jan 23 00:37:04 EST 2006

> I was wondering if any of you of an alternative to ENTCS to get
> workshop proceedings published.  Elsevier has managed to antagonise
> many of us, and I was kind of hoping some other medium would exist.

I would like to suggest using CoRR, the Computing Research Repository 
for this purpose. You will find more information about this repository at


This repository is here to stay and hence your proceedings will have an 
archival quality while still allowing you to keep the informal feel to 
papers from a workshop. Some time ago, Professor Mirek Truszczynski put 
together instructions for creating proceedings within the structure of 
CoRR. You will find these instructions at


I believe that these instructions are still accurate. Based on the fact 
that your query is addressed to types, I think that the Programming 
Languages area or the Logic in Computer Science area may be the likely 
candidates for your proceedings. There are, of course, a wide variety of 
choices as should become clear from looking at the welcome page for the 

-Gopalan Nadathur

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