[TYPES] Eliminators in type theory

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Yong Luo wrote:
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> I would like to understand  how powerful the eliminators of inductive types
> can be in type theory.
> Suppose a type system has the type of natural numbers ONLY, that is, we have
> only Nat, Zero, Successor (Succ) and the eliminator Elim_Nat and its two
> computation rules.

This is a functional representation of arithmetic, i.e. Goedel's system T. All functions 
provable total in arithmetic can be defined. Adding dependent types doesn't affect the 
strength of the system, nether does the addition of pairs (whether dependent or not).


> Can we define fib function in such a system? Note that we don't have pairs
> and function types.
> fib 0 = 1
> fib 1 = 1
> fib (n+2) = fib n + fib (n+1)
> In such a  system, we know some functions can be defined, for example,
> plus x y = Elim_Nat (\n->Nat) x (\m,n->(S n)) y
> If we add the type of pairs, then more efficient fib can be easily defined.
> Thanks,
> Yong
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