[TYPES] trace back pattern matching, typecase

Jacques Carette carette at mcmaster.ca
Wed Oct 25 14:04:19 EDT 2006

Burak Emir wrote:
> 2) For typecase, it is much less clear to me what one could reference as 
> first emergence. Modula-3 comes to my mind. It is probably helpful to 
> narrow my query to statically typed languages at this point.
As far as programming language idioms go, this was already used in 
FORMAC (1962).

Certainly it was in heavy use in Macsyma (1967/68 - today).  Which 
probably implies that it was an idiom known to LISP programmers before that.

But perhaps you meant 'typecase' in a (mostly) statically typed 
language?  Then Scratchpad (now Axiom) probably had that from early on 
in its life (definitely by the early 80s, more likely before that).


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