[TYPES] Google Summer of Code

Yoriyuki Yamagata yoriyuki.y at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 12:07:31 EDT 2007

The FreeSoftware Initiative Japan(http://www.fsij.org/) is looking for
participants of Google Summer of Code(http://code.google.com/soc).
Proposed ideas (https://members.fsij.org/trac/soc2007/wiki/Ideas)
include developing automatic program verifier, and OCaml related projects.
We also accept proposals not directly related to proposed ideas.  If
your project is selected, you are paid 4500$ from Google.

Please read carefully http://code.google.com/soc/tos.html and
https://members.fsij.org/trac/soc2007/wiki/Ideas before submitting
your proposal.  Feel free to ask me if you have a question.

Project ideas are:

*Automatic program verifier

Develop an automatic program verifier with the following features.

   - Accept any programs in popular programing languages such as
C/Java/Ruby and so on.
   - Produce correct answers for programs in a practical subset of
the language.
   - Produce approximate answers for all programs in the language.
   - Performance is not a goal. It suffices to demonstrate its
capability to small code fragments. However, it must have modular
design to future improvement.

The project goal is intentionally vague so that we can accept projects
using wide range of methodologies.  It mainly aims formal verification
technique such as source-code model checking or type-based checking,
not rule based static checker like lint.  Since it is a summer
project, improvement of existing checker, or developing core
functionality of new checker is suitable.  Unlike research projects,
our focus is practical benefits to Free Software community.

*Improve OCaml internationalization

There is no specific requirement. The idea includes

   - Create a syntax extension which handle Unicode strings and
locale-sensitive messages. Create a Unicode-based, locale-sensitive
alternative of the standard library.
   - Create a binding of ICU. Binding must not be bare-bone wrapping.
It must be well integrated to OCaml and its programming customs.

We accept other ideas as well.

* Create Ajax development tool for OCaml

Enable seamless Web development by generating JavaScript from OCaml
and integrating it to Web framework.

* Improve Eclipse plugin of OCaml

There is no specific requirement. Please propose suitable improvements.


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