[TYPES] Compiler frameworks.

Aaron Gray angray at beeb.net
Sat Jun 23 11:08:06 EDT 2007

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> Hello All,
> I am trying to make a compendium of different compiler frameworks that
> are available. The frameworks can cater to any aspect of compiling
> (Parsing / analysis / verification/ optimization/ code generation).
> The problem is that of plenty. Each framework caters to different
> needs, but there does not seem to be a single listing of all, possibly
> with details on what the framework provides and still better with
> comparisions with other similar ones. Many a times this leads to new
> researchers either (a) using some
> not-so-suitable-for-his-or-her-purpose framework or (b) coming up with
> new frameworks.
> I propose to making a public webpage, where all such frameworks can be
> listed (If, some such page already exists, then please inform me). I
> would be greatful, if each one of you, could take a few minutes and
> write about (a) the compiler frameworks that you might have
> developed/used and optionally (b) any comments you have about the
> framework(s) (+/-).
> On my part, I promise to compile this webpage and make it public.

You can add 'Prop' :-


Compilers.net is one of the best lists :-




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