[TYPES] Dealing with conferences for the environment conscious

Derek Dreyer dreyer at mpi-sws.org
Sun Feb 7 06:41:42 EST 2010

With all due respect, Alessio, none of the options you've set forth
makes much sense to me (although I do appreciate the nomenclature).

> 1 - PESCETARIAN: Only submit papers where some other author from
> oneself is in need of a job or tenure (and they speak at the
> conference), and reject invitations as invited speaker.

For most people, I sense this would ultimately be such a minor
restriction that it's hardly worth talking about.  The vast majority
of papers published in, say, POPL, have multiple authors, very often
including a student author (who will eventually seek a job), or a
junior faculty member seeking tenure, or a member of a research lab
who needs to publish in POPL to maintain their standing.  This
pescetarian option would not prevent the authors of that very large
subset of papers from continuing to submit to POPL or other major
refereed conferences.

> 2 - VEGETARIAN: In addition to 1, do not `review' papers for those
> conferences (and compensate with very accurate reviews of journal
> papers) and do not participate in their committees.

I understand this is your current position, but to me it is untenable
and clearly the worst of the three.  If you are going to submit papers
to a conference, you ought to be willing to review papers for it.
Only seems fair.  End of story.

> 3 - VEGAN: Do not submit to, participate in, review for, and organize
> conferences with published proceedings.

This position is undeniably consistent.  However, if it is even too
extreme for you, Alessio, I suspect it is unlikely to catch on.

I'm going to invoke my moderator's prerogative to cut the discussion
at this point concerning the best way to subvert the conference
system.  If you have constructive suggestions to add, feel free to
send them to me or Alessio, and we can compile them into a single post
at a later date.

Best regards,

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