[TYPES] Declarative vs imperative

Uday S Reddy u.s.reddy at cs.bham.ac.uk
Fri Apr 19 03:30:10 EDT 2013

Vijay Saraswat writes:

> Declarative means a heck of a lot. (Though I do agree that distinctions 
> between function and logic programming are probably not that significant 
> conceptually.)

Indeed, "declarative" means a lot.  But, "declarative programming language"
doesn't.  All programming languages have a "declarative interpretation" and
a "procedural interpretation" (to use terms invented in the logic
programming community).  If somebody claims that some language is not
"declarative", it just means that they never thought about its declarative
interpretation, not that it doesn't exist.  Ignorance is peddled as a fact
of reality.


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